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Tupac's letter to Madonna goes to auction

The late rapper and singer had a relationship before his death.

In a three-page handwritten note that Shakur sent from prison in 1995, when he was then 30, he wrote about their relationship and expressed regret to Madonna.

"I have to apologize to you because, as you said, I am not the kind of friend I know that I am able to be. It's not because I'm devilish or because you're not worthy, The effects of racism make it difficult for a young black man to show affection for an older white woman, " writes Tupac.

Shakur died the following year.

The letter is part of a block of Madonna's personal items auctioned by Gotta Have Rock and Roll. The company has obtained the articles of Darlene Lutz, former friend and consultant of the singer.

In 2017, the auction on the letter had reached $ 100,000, but Madonna had filed an order of the court of emergency relating to the auction and obtained a temporary blockage of the sale. She told a New York court that her fame "does not rule out my right to preserve my privacy, including with regard to very personal items".

The Manhattan Supreme Court later ruled that the items now belonged to the auction house, which opened the way for them.

The auction will open on July 17th.

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