TVF trapped with Dadaji


Have you ever started talking to someone who does not stop talking? Well, that's exactly what happens to Kunal in this video. He is excited by his weekend projects with his friends. But for unknown reasons, at Neha's request, he decides to help Neha who is supposed to take care of his grandfather. Kunal is supposed to take care of Dadaji for a little while? But how long is this little one? Watch this video and see Kunal #TrappedWithDadaji.


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Creative Director: Anandeshwar Dwivedi
Director: Shreyansh Pandey
Written by: Pradyot Mokashi
Directed by: Anant Singh
DOP: Shree Namjoshi, Kunal Hassanandani
Published by: Prashant Panda
Production Design: Nirmal Poddar
Creative Producer: Mrinal Pant
Supervisory Producer: Joshna Bhat
Casting: Casting Bay
Deputy Director: Abhishek Kumar
Costume Designer: Reena Harpalani
Stylist Costume Assistant: Prachi Nikhra
Deputy Directors: Jeet Malhotra
Sort by: Shree Namjoshi
Graphics: Ankit Bairagee
Deputy Editor: Suraj Pasi
Post-production supervisor: Garvit Janshali
Content Strategist: Olivier Thomas
Synchronization sound: Harish Chawaria
Production Manager: Niharika Rathod
Production Manager: Prajesh Mishra
Production Manager: Dinesh Rawat
Production Manager: Arun Kumar
Head of Brand Partnerships: Vijay Koshy
Brand Solutions Manager: Vyom Charaya
Account Management Manager: Gauri Joshi
Sales team and brand solutions: Panav Thakkar, Varun Joshua, Mohit Chomal
Marketing Manager: Vineet Kanabar
Marketing team: Anilha Iyer, Chirag Chitlangia, Dhananjay Nachar, Shailendra Patil, Ankit Chauhan
Legal: Megha Gupta
Location: Span Exotica Company
Special thanks:
Actors: Amit Divetia, Badri Chavan, Tania Dutta, Pradyot Mokashi

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47 thoughts on “TVF trapped with Dadaji”

  1. Needed social msg ? but don't know why instead of understanding the gist of video people start commenting on unnecessary things like we r this cast and we dont eat non veg and bla bla , yaar there r many brahmin i know who eat non veg , this uncle's reaction was just his own thought, its not universal statement. I am in govt job , i carry my work at home and working on sudays also but general impression of govt employees are like that only that they don't work. You can't help it, let it be and enjoy the creativity. Keep it up guys ????

  2. Abbeh saloh Viral Fever,
    Yeh tum logoh ko videshi sabdhoh ka nasha chara heh kya?
    Motherchodoh, aaj ke baad se aapneh video meh yeh GUYS sabdh ka estamal maat karna, agar phir bhi maan kiya toh HEY BHEYS bol dena!

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