Tweets from old Deshaun Watson-49ers resurface as rumors swirl around QB


People on Twitter never forget. And if they do, they’ll dig up the old tweets anyway.

Rumors have been circulating around Deshaun Watson since Thursday morning, when Pro Football Talk tweeted that Watson might be looking for a trade away from the Houston Texans.

The 49ers were quickly seen by many as a logical destination. Once Twitter detectors kick in, you never know what they will find. It didn’t take long for old Watson tweets to surface, showing his love for the 49ers in the Jim Harbaugh era.

Returning on Nov. 13, 2011, the 49ers passed the New York Giants, 27-20, to raise their record to 8-1 in Harbaugh’s first year as a coach. Earl Watson among the 49ers loyal at the time.

Watson was also cheering on the guys in red and gold during Super Bowl XLVIII, when the 49ers made a second-half comeback against the Ravens, but failed in their quest for a sixth Lombardi Trophy.

NFL players – those who don’t call themselves George Kittle, anyway – seem to lose their fan allegiances once they reach the league. But it at least gives us a glimpse of what Watson thought as a teenager when he was just a league fan.

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Watson is just 25 and one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL. Jimmy Garoppolo is the team’s most likely internal option to start under center in 2021. Yet generational talents like Watson don’t become available very often and the 49ers should see if he would like to play for the squad. ‘he used to play. root for.

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