Twitch launches a free karaoke game with over 1000 songs

Twitch released a new free karaoke game called Twitch sings. Harmonix and Twitch partnered to develop the game, which had been revealed for the first time last year.

Twitch sings Launches nearly 2,000 songs and will get new songs over time. The game is directly linked to players' Twitch accounts, which allows them to play it without using third-party software or additional equipment.

This new game is inspired by the many popular IRL feeds on the site, showing people paintings, works of art, songs and more.

The game will also support duos using asynchronous multiplayer mode. A user will sing half of a duet and then record and download it. Another player can then sing the other part of the duet and download that clip later.

As players sing more songs, they will earn XP and coins, which can be used to improve your profile and buy new items in the game for your avatar. According to Twitch sings FAQ, the game is currently free, but Twitch can later add higher quality items or other microtransactions to the game.

Harmonix, who helped create Twitch sings, has a long history in developing music and rhythm games, including the popular Rock band and Dance Central Games.

Twitch sings is now available for download on PC.

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