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Twitch announced today the launch of a new feature called "Squad Stream," which allows up to four creators to go live and stream together in one window. This feature will allow creators to develop their communities by partnering with others, as it will give streamers increased visibility by reaching out to more fans.

Helping viewers find new people to follow is an area of ​​ongoing interest for the company, which in the past has been accused by small streamers who complain about only broadcasting empty channels and have trouble developing a channel. fan base.

To remedy this, Twitch now offers a feature called Raids, which allows creators to work together to grow their respective communities by generating traffic to the channels of others. Squad Streams is an extension of this software because it allows broadcasters to broadcast together. That is, instead of redirect traffic, they share it.

To participate in Squad Streams, creators can log in from their dashboard using a new Squad Stream widget. They can then create their own team by inviting others to participate, or accept an invitation to join another team. By default, all channels tracked, tracked, or owned by the streamers can send invitations to a team feed. But this can be changed in the settings.

During streams, viewers can view all creators in a single window, which gives them different views of the action, Twitch explains.

During streaming, fans can discuss or encourage those in the primary location – an option they can choose by clicking on one of the video players in the channel to create a larger screen. The ads will only be played in the primary location and the audience will only be counted when a channel will be in the primary location, Twitch notes.

Unfortunately, this feature is first introduced to partners – the higher level streamers who have less need to develop their community than the smaller streamers. Twitch said that this deployment strategy is due to the need for video quality options (transcoding) on ​​group streams – an option that partners have on their default feeds. (Affiliates only receive them to the extent they are available, with priority access.)

Video quality options allow the Squad Stream feature to display video in non-primary locations in a lower quality mode, such as 480p. Most streamers, however, broadcast at 720p or higher, which is why options are needed for Squad Stream, Twitch explains.

The company says its plan is to deploy Squad Stream for affiliates and all other streamers on time as it extends its transcoding capability.

The launch of Squad Stream is launched by a flow schedule of four people in the coming weeks. (A full schedule is here.) Users can also search for the Squad Stream tag on the main Twitch page to find these feeds.

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