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Twitter brings back its Mac desktop application

A little over a year after stopping his Mac desktop application, Twitter says that it comes back on the program after the unveiling of Catalyst project for macOS 10.15 Catalina by Apple. This explains why he decided to remove the application last year.

Twitter made the announcement at the Apple WWDC conference last week, announcing that the application would be launched with Catalina this fall and that this new version would include various features such as dark mode, keyboard shortcuts, multiple windows and notifications.

In February 2018, Twitter removed the application from the Apple App Store after a history of sporadic updates and recommended users simply to use the Web version. In his article yesterday, he also provides a little more explanation on why the original Mac application was dropped: while it had been created in from the iPhone application, the Mac application "has diverged as Twitter focused more and more on its mobile applications". could not maintain both.

Twitter says that with Project Catalyst, they will be able to use their existing iOS codebase and add desktop features "while maintaining our efficient maintenance while continuing to enhance this shared codebase in the years to come." .

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