Twitter "experimenting" with a Tweet masking feature to make the site less horrible


Photo: Richard Drew (AP)

Twitter's quest to repair its platform continues, this time with an experimental moderation of responses feature. The "Hide Tweet" feature will be a public experience, but we do not know who will have access to it yet.

Security researcher Jane Manchun Wong on Thursday presented a preview of the tool, explaining that the Hide Tweet feature will allow the original posters to hide and display responses to a tweet. A spokesman for Twitter said the company will test the tool for the moment to see if it can facilitate healthier conversations on the platform – which, as all those who have already been on Twitter know. , is not a simple goal.

Michelle Yasmeen Haq, senior product manager at Twitter, tweeted a feature thread, writing that Hide Tweet would serve a purpose not offered by blocking, mute, or report options.

"With this feature, the person who has started a conversation can choose to hide the responses to their tweets. Hidden responses would be viewable by others via a menu option, "said Yasmeen Haq. "We believe that the transparency of hidden responses would allow the community to notice and report situations in which users use this feature to hide content with which they do not agree. We think this can balance the product experience between the original tweeter and the audience. "

A Twitter spokesperson said the platform was exploring ways to give users more control over what they see in their feeds. The moderation of the answers would seem to do it well. But that does not solve Twitter either and this certainly does not put a brake on the abuse on the platform. Instead, it somehow shifts the responsibility of cleaning garbage to users – which is not ideal, but still looks better than not having it at all.

This feature also seems to be a much better idea than Jack Dorsey's tweet clarification tool, although who knows if it's still in the works.


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