Twitter has a day on the field with Kyrie Irving-to-LeBron's All-Star Game James Alley-Oop | NBA


The Sunday night NBA All-Star game produced a sequence that basketball fans have seen several times before.

In the fourth quarter of the night at the Charlotte N.C. Spectrum Center, Kyrie Irving presented a brilliant alley to LeBron James as the LeBron team strengthened their lead over Team Giannis.

Irving and James have partnered for countless plays during their three seasons alongside the Cleveland Cavaliers. But put aside the nostalgia, many people on Twitter believe (or hope) that Irving's drive to James was a sign of the future, while the future of Irving with Boston Celtics remains uncertain.

Bringing Irving with James seemed impossible just a few months ago, but it became clear that the former teammates have left the past behind and are now on good terms. That being said, Irving's recent remarks about his future have been largely overtaken, and one must imagine that the most likely scenario this summer is for the Celtics to sign their guard again.

In addition, if you ask Los Angeles Lakers fans, they would probably prefer James to soon be teammate with his other Team LeBron teammate, Anthony Davis.

Photo thumb via Bob Donnan / USA TODAY Sports

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