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Twitter is experiencing a global outage due to service disruption

Twitter Break Card

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Twitter is down after a worldwide outage caused by a downtime, currently preventing people from all over the world from accessing the social networking platform.

"We are currently studying the problems faced by users to access Twitter.We will keep you informed of what is happening," says the Twitter status page in an update released at 18:58 UTC.

Trying to load a Twitter page, users are currently seeing the following error: "Something is not going anywhere technically, thank you for your attention, we will fix it and things will soon become normal again".

Interruption on Twitter

In an update released at 19:01 UTC, the Twitter API status page also states that his team "is currently investigating dependencies for Twitter data." The scope of affected APIs is undetermined for the moment ".

At this time, all Twitter APIs are affected by the crash, while Twitter initially indicated that only volume and PowerTrack data streams were affected by degraded performance issues.

Twitter also indicates that most of their APIs will be affected as of July 15, after "all connections to the Twitter API (and all other Twitter domains) will require TLS 1.2".

Interruption of the API

Tweetdeck, the social media dashboard web application acquired by Twitter in May 2011, is also down. An error message "Sorry, an error has occurred. Please try again later" will appear when users attempt to connect.

Tweetdeck experienced another outage in the world on July 1, with users also report at the moment the dashboard automatically redirected them to the Twitter home page or to the site mobile version.

Updated 15:52 EDT: Twitter seems to be back, but some users continue to receive the message "We are unable to load your calendar." Click here to try again. " mistakes.

Updated 15:59 EDT: Twitter is back. The status page indicates that the failure was caused by an internal configuration change:

[Identified] The failure was due to an internal configuration change, which we are correcting now. Some people may be able to access Twitter again and we are working to make Twitter available to everyone as quickly as possible.

Tweetdeck and platform APIs are also available.

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