Twitter is starting to test a new prototype application 'twttr & # 39; to improve conversations

Last year, I wrote about Twitter's experiments aimed at making the platform more conversational. Well, these changes could finally be passed on to the actual users. Twitter today ad a new prototype application – titled slightly "twttr" – that will allow users to test these upcoming changes. This is obviously the original name of Twitter, so it's a bit of a boost to the original idea of ​​Twitter.

Twitter employee David Hart sharing the idea behind this new prototype application, showing how the company wants to improve conversations on the platform with these new ideas. "To begin, we aim to make conversations easier to read, understand and participate in," said Hart. tweeted. Hart then explained how the company wanted to make quick and bold changes to Twitter effectively. And all this involves this new prototype of application to which everyone can sign up.

So what exactly changes? From what we've seen before, Twitter is testing features like Status, which will encourage new conversations, as well as things like icebreakers and color-coded threads to improve readability. There are probably many other changes. We will have to see how the new application will work once Twitter starts to invite users who sign up for the new prototype app.

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