Twitter launches public test of its redesigned responses

In October, Twitter said it was redefining conversations on the platform to encourage more user-friendly and useful discussions. The company is now ready to test the redesign with a larger user group and will accept applications from anyone who wants it. Users are invited to apply for this link.

The new design aims to "make easier the understanding of what people say," says the company. A new rounded form of responses allows a Twitter feed to look more like text messages. The answers are also indented, which gives them the appearance of a Reddit thread. The answers of the people followed appear in blue and the responses of the original tweeter in gray.

Twitter is also experimenting with efforts to minimize the importance of engagement figures. The number of likes and retweets received by a reply is now hidden until a user clicks on the answer, sharing options, and other tweet details.

As and when experiences, it seems … good? In all of Twitter's talk about fundamentally redesigning all aspects of the site, it does in practice a slight iteration on a set of features that has existed for a decade. Adjusting the shape of text bubbles can offer a welcome refresh of the design, but the new look does not seem to have to change the nature of the conversation on the platform.

The company pointed out that these features are likely to change as test users offer their feedback. A general release is in at least "several months" from here, the company said.

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