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Twitter The new prototype testing program is not the only way to solve conversation problems on his site. The company confirmed that it is currently conducting another test aimed at the public, aimed at making Twitter "more conversational" – but this time with retweets rather than replicas. The test is to use a thin line to connect a quote-style retweet to the person commenting on the tweet, instead of placing the cited tweet in an area as before.

Here are some visual aids.

Today, when you comment on a tweet that you republish, the original tweet is framed as follows:

The new test sees Twitter completely eliminating the box and linking the comment to the tweet using the same type of line as the one used today with Replies.

For example, here is a before and after change. (Click on the tweet to enlarge the images). You can see the original appearance on the left and update using the line on the right:

We asked Twitter if it was a permanent change or just a test, and a spokesman confirmed that it was good to this last.

The test was available on Android Tuesday of this week, but began to be released yesterday to iOS users.

Despite the launch of the new testing program, the company announced that it will continue to test various chat features and other changes in its public application.

"The fact that we do this [Twitter prototype testing program] That's not to say that we do not do regular testing – as we do with all of our development processes in our regular application, "said Sara Haider, director of product management for Twitter, at a news conference. interview at ETUC in January.

The prototype program, on the other hand, serves as an experimental testing ground where Twitter users are able to directly influence the development process with their feedback and opinions.

Twitter had learned over the years that some of the best ideas came from the community itself. Many of its products – including @Repies, the hashtag (#), tweetstorms (now "threads") and Retweets (originally "RT") – were developed in response to the way people were already using Twitter. Now, Twitter is hoping to tap into the spirit of the hive to build what will follow.

But not all Twitter changes are dictated by the community. (After all, I'm not sure anyone was really concerned about how retweets were displayed.)

This means that you will always see Twitter testing smaller changes, like this one, in the public application.

It remains to be seen if the lines will eventually replace the box for Retweets. Although this gives the impression that the comment is more like a conversation in progress, the update also facilitates the confusion between Retweet and Answer.

"We are working on Retweet Updates with How as part of our efforts to make Twitter more conversational," confirmed a Twitter spokesperson at TechCrunch. They also suggested that we would see more tests of this nature in the future.


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