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Two adverse drug test results, three negative for UFC 235

A metabolite of the turinabolic oral steroid continues to beat in Jon Jones' system prior to his fight with Anthony Smith at UFC 235.

A quintet of drug test results released today by the Nevada State Athletic Commission shows that the light weight of the UFC has exceeded three and failed two for the M3 metabolite that is periodically in its system since a positive test in July 2017.

Samples tested at the WADA-accredited Sports Medicine and Research Laboratory (SMTTL) on February 14th and 15th gave "adverse" results, with Jones recording 40 and 20 picograms per milliliter respectively. (See the statement and the results of the NSAC test here.)

A USADA test of February 23 is still pending. The NSAC ordered that all of Jones' pre-fight samples be shipped, but allowed him to participate on Saturday in the pay-per-view party at T-Mobile Arena.

As in previous cases where traces of steroid metabolite were detected in Jones' system, it is not sanctioned, its metabolites being considered residual compared to the 2017 test that resulted in a suspension of 15 months.

In a statement released to the media, the NSAC said Jones was "cooperative" and that the SMRTL's chief, Daniel Eichner, reiterated that there was "no scientific or medical evidence that it was". athlete would have an unfair advantage leading to or for his competition. "

M3 metabolite levels are approximately within the same limits as previous tests, for which Jones had been identified by drug testing; positive of December 28, 2018, returned a level of 33 picograms, while the test of December 9 was between 60 and 80 picograms.

The results of the complete test and the body that performed the test include:

  • February 1 (US Anti-Doping Agency) – No abnormal test results.
  • February 9 (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association, California) – No abnormal test results.
  • February 14 (Nevada State Athletic Commission) – Result of abnormal analysis. DHCMT M3 detected 40 μg / mL.
  • Feb. 15 (Nevada State Athletic Commission) – Abnormal scan result. DHCMT M3 detected 20 μg / mL.
  • February 18 (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association, Nevada) – No abnormal test results.
  • February 23 (US Anti-Doping Agency) – Pending.

Jones had already successfully passed other drug tests, including one on February 18 by VADA, in which the champion had to register after his December 9 test was the catalyst for moving his fight for the UFC 232 title from Nevada California.

Jones, 31, appeared last month before the NSAC at a comprehensive hearing on his drug testing background. He received a temporary license for a fight, but was ordered to participate in a thorough drug testing test before Saturday's pay-per-view evening. He was also forced to continue drug testing throughout this year to provide more data to regulators on the M3 metabolite.

UFC President Dana White defended Jones' recent story and said the star had done nothing wrong. The vice president of health and athlete performance of the UFC said that it would be unfair not to let Jones compete.

Jones firmly denied having consciously used performance-enhancing drugs at any point in his career. His positive record in July 2017, following the title win over Daniel Cormier at UFC 214, was his second doping offense at USADA, his UFC anti-doping partner. He was suspended for 12 months after failing a pre-fight test in conjunction with a UFC 200 title fighter against Cormier.

In his two anti-doping cases, Jones led the USADA to arbitration. He claimed that a tainted sexual enhancement pill had pushed him to become positive for estrogen blockers, clomiphene and letrozole. Although the arbitrator agreed that he did not deliberately cheat, he was found guilty of numerous misconduct for "reckless" acts committed prior to his failure.

In his second case, he had been suspended for four years for his second violation, but had benefited from a 30-month reduction for providing the anti-doping agency with "substantial assistance" for others. doping violations before submitting to arbitration. Richard McLaren, the well-known anti-doping investigator, gave Jones three more months for his role as the next witness and his efforts to prevent another positive outcome.

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