MUNCIE, Ind. – Police investigate report that two boys aged 7 and 4 were left alone at home, said they found the young people watching "Home Alone" on television.

This 1990 film featured the adventures of an 8-year-old man, played by Macaulay Culkin, after he was accidentally left behind when his family took a Christmas break in Paris.

Investigators said the circumstances that led the Muncie boys to stay home alone on Tuesday did not result in an accident.

The boy's mother – 25-year-old Taylor Joann Cumings – reportedly left the child at home to watch her younger brother, who was in bad weather, when she went to work at the Youth Opportunity Center.

The police went to the family home around 12:45. after the shippers received an anonymous tip about the youth.

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"Home Alone" featured Culkin's efforts to ward off two potential burglars. Muncie's boys were also scared when adults came to their homes, although the visitors were police officers, not idiotic criminals.

When a policeman knocked on the door, the older child glanced through the blinds and exclaimed, "It's the police!

He then rushed to the phone and called his aunt. The reporting officers were outside and he was scared.

The aunt arrived quickly and persuaded the boys to open the front door. The agent introduced to the young toys that he had in his police car.

Later, Cumings arrived at the house. She said she was at work since 7 am and that after being unable to find a babysitter, she decided to "let (the biggest of the children) stay at home". school and watch out (his youngest brother) ".

The mother said: "She had already done it but she almost always stays with her children or has a babysitter," wrote an officer.

Cumings was arrested – out of sight of her children – on a negligent charge of a dependent. She stayed in Delaware County Jail on Wednesday with a $ 10,000 bond.

A child services department official said the boys could stay at home in the custody of their aunt.

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