Two from California Governor Gavin Newsom


“Yesterday two of the governor’s children tested positive for Covid-19,” spokeswoman Erin Mellon said. “The family follows all COVID protocols. “

The Democratic governor, his wife and their two other children have since tested negative for the virus, Mellon told CNN. It is not known which children tested positive.

“The Newsoms continue to support the hiding of unvaccinated people indoors to stop the spread and advocate for vaccination as the most effective way to end this pandemic,” Mellon added.

In July, Newsom and his wife removed two of their children from a summer basketball camp due to its policy of not imposing face masks.
Earlier this week, Newsom prevailed in a partisan recall effort that had sought to impeach him before his term ended and was born out of frustration over his response to the pandemic and the state’s strict measures against Covid -19.

Tuesday night’s exit poll suggested Newsom’s pandemic-focused message may have leaked to voters, who ranked the coronavirus as the most pressing issue facing the state.

About 45% of the electorate said Newsom’s policies on the pandemic were about right, with about a third calling its policies too strict and the rest saying they are not tough enough, according to a poll by California release conducted for CNN and other news networks by Edison Research.

Californians, Newsom noted after Tuesday’s election results, voted “yes to science, yes to vaccines … yes to the end of this pandemic.”

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