Tyronn read "not agree" on the addition of Jason Kidd to coaching staff


While the Los Angeles Lakers are about to introduce head coach Frank Vogel on May 20, new details appear about the coach's month-long search.

After sacking head coach Luke Walton, former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue and Philadelphia 76ers assistant coach Monty Williams quickly emerged and remained in action. top of the ranking. When Williams became the Phoenix Suns head coach, it allowed Lue to find LeBron James in Los Angeles.

Although Lue celebrated his 42nd birthday with a Lakers-themed cake, he finally ended the contract negotiations with them.

According to Tania Ganguli of the Los Angeles Times, Lue would have disagreed over the addition of former Milwaukee Bucks head coach Jason Kidd to his coaching staff for the NBA 2019-2020 season:

According to a person close to the Lakers leadership, during the negotiation process, the Lakers have developed concerns about Lue's compatibility with the organization. Part of these concerns stemmed from Lue's disagreement with the Lakers as to who would be part of his staff. While they were agreed on Vogel, they did not agree on Jason Kidd, which the Lakers insisted he included. They also hesitated at Lue's counter to the proposed three-year agreement.

And as previously stated, according to Ganguli, it has been proposed to read that a $ 18 million contract over three years instead of the usual five years:

According to people close to Lue, the former coach of the Cavaliers felt discouraged by the whole process, and more by the offer of $ 18 million over three years of the Lakers. In 2016, Walton signed a five-year deal with the Lakers and Williams, a five-year contract with the Suns. Read believed that he deserved at least as many years and more money since he was not a head coach for the first time and that he had won a championship as a coach.

Vogel was initially considered a potential candidate to become Lue's senior assistant coach, so he was the first to be questioned after the Lakers' search for coaches restarted. Both sides were quick to agree, as Vogel accepted the terms of a three-year contract with the team and added Kidd to his coaching staff.

Throughout the team's coaching search, the only constant was strangely Kidd. While the 46-year-old was surprised by an interview to replace Walton, the Lakers did not just want to pick the head coach's new staff, but insisting that Kidd be part of it is, to say the least, interesting.

In addition to his past off the field, Kidd has always been fishing for the position of head coach. If the Lakers do not start the second year with the victory of LeBron James, there will be a lot of speculation about Kidd and Vogel.

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