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Tyson Fury beats Tom Schwarz to retain his linear heavyweight title no matter what it means

Photo: Steve Marcus (Getty Images)

Unlike the last heavyweight fight that featured one of the biggest names in the division, the non-name succumbed under the blows of the star of the main tournament, when Tyson Fury defeated Tom Schwarz of TKO in the second tower.

It is the performance of an excellent fighter who has demonstrated his legitimate desire and his ability to compete for real concrete material. Fury continued his routine before the fight with the stars and the stripes of his shorts and dress as he headed for the ring with "Living in America" ​​James Brown, Rocky IV, playing his music input. He even gave the crowd something to marvel at with his incredible escape skills he removed just before ending Schwarz's night.

Here's another look at Fury playing with Schwartz:

The rest of the evening was rather mundane and although Fury somewhat relaxed his staging a little later, except for the brief period when he decided to cover Aerosmith on the mic, the ESPN marketing campaign aimed at making this appearance a legitimate fight for the title nevertheless persists.

References to the continuation of this imaginary title by Fury have continued throughout the last edition of SportsCenter, the fighting continues and will continue on the outlets that the network will decide to use until the immediate interest for the victory of Fury disappears.

For context, Fury has already held the world heavyweight titles, WBA (unified), WBO and IBO, but dropped them in 2016 as part of a doping investigation and found medically unfit to fight by a psychologist. Although Fury has no official title since this waiver, no fighter has beaten him in the ring since winning these titles. If the idea of ​​presenting Fury as a champion because of this last point seems fanciful, it is because it is the case.

It would not be a problem if only Fury and his team decided to commit to the idea that no one was a true champion until they beat him – which they have done since his return – but mainly because that this kind of vulgar speech naturally adapts to the Fury character and adds the pro-fight touch that combat sports need from time to time. The biggest problem is a sports media network that decides to run with this gadget and declares it outright as a champion of the process. Being a Linear Champion does not really mean anything to anyone except perhaps Deontay Wilder's coaches who could use it as a display board medium. To legitimize it as a true championship of journalism is at best silly, and rather cursed at worst.

As if that were not enough, know that ESPN has made every effort to support this fake championship nonsense for a hardcore homophobe who believes in the identity of at least one employee – though it's more realistic than this – is proof that the world is approaching the end of biblical times.

It is almost laudable to see how a network that was so focused on keeping politics out of the game decided that the best way to achieve that goal was to make a bigoted bigot its champion. boxing.

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