Uber now allows passengers to silence drivers


Uber offers its premium customers the ability to drive in silence. Among the deployment of new features for Uber Black users, users can choose to let their driver drive without talking. Passengers who need quiet weather, who hate small conversations or need a nap will be encouraged to switch to Uber Black.


But not everyone is happy. The drivers on the Uber forums have already dubbed the silent parameter "Uber mode quit" and "STFU driver". The forums express their concern. This is another way for drivers to be treated badly by both the company and their passengers.

Improved experience for premium passengers

In addition to the silent option, Uber announced that passengers would have the option to request the assistance of a luggage driver and preselect an interior temperature before getting in the car. Uber Black passengers will also benefit from an extended pickup period, which will allow them more time between confirmation of a ride and the pickup point.

Passengers using UberX or cheaper UberPool will not be able to request additional services or silent mode. Uber became public a little over a week ago and things were a bit difficult. The company has lost value shortly after its launch, but things are slowly improving for the company, which has not yet made a profit.

Drivers demand better conditions

The carpool company received a boost this week when New York authorities decided its drivers were contractors and not employees. The drivers had been trying to come together and demand higher wages and better working conditions by being classified as employees.

Unfortunately, their efforts have not been successful and the National Labor Relations Commission has concluded that the company's drivers are contractors and not employees. Under New York law, entrepreneurs do not have the protection offered to full-fledged employees.

The decision makes it very difficult for Uber drivers to form a union that could put pressure on the company to get better wages and better working conditions. Uber drivers went on strike in many countries, including the United States, Brazil and Australia, at the head of Initial Public Offer.

Lump economy causes financial stress

In London, the strikes were organized by the Independent Workers' Union of Great Britain. The union has asked for a price increase ranging from £ 1.25 to £ 2 per mile; a reduction in the commission paid by drivers to Uber from 25% to 15%; employment status of drivers, which means that they receive the minimum wage and receive a holiday and sick pay allowance; and the end of unfair dismissals.

The company can cut the drivers of the application if they receive complaints from customers against them. The rise of the "big economy", in which users offer services through applications, is a cause for many people who say that precarious working conditions around the world contribute to financial insecurity and health problems mental.

Some of the most popular jobs in concert economics are running apps like Uber and Lyft or distributing food products for Deliveroo or UberEats.

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