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Ubisoft bans the player-created Assassin & # 39; s Creed quests, which allow you to move up a gear without doing anything

Last month, Ubisoft released a tool allowing players to create their own quests in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Players could choose to have the custom quests of other players appear in their games. Almost immediately, a jumble of quests dedicated to fast-fire leveling. "Each in his own way", one could say of this dubious practice, but Ubisoft decided to remove the foot of his Greek people, dressed in combat sandals, and ban the quests focused simply on strengthening the # 39; XP.

These custom quests, for example, would generate NPCs to instantly kill an enemy for the player, giving him experience in seconds. Players can then repeat this process, earning sweet experience points until all their dreams come true. About a month later, Ubisoft announced in a forum article that these types of dummy quests would no longer be tolerated.

"These feats have the potential to compromise the quality, integrity, and overall objectives of the Story Maker mode and to have less visibility for the creative, interesting, and frankly fantastic community stories published," reads the note. Assassin's Creed community and development teams.

From now on, XP Farm Quests will be against the terms of service of the story creation tool. In addition, they will not be revealed by the system of automatic recommendation of the game and Ubisoft "will punish those who continue to use this tool intentionally and intentionally". The company is also dedicated to actively fighting against other exploits in the future. .

It should be noted that this particular feat may have struck close to home, since Odyssey launched with a suite of expensive microtransactions offering, among other things, XP and money gains. They are always available, alongside others that have followed since. The company did not mention that regarding these quests created by the players. Instead, he focused his messages on creating an environment in which elaborate stories about gods, men and, in a story discovered by KotakuJoshua Rivera, the Sith Lords can prosper.

"The Story Creator mode was designed to allow players to unleash their creativity and imagination when they build their own stories to share with others," said Ubisoft. "We want to reward creativity by showcasing quality quests."

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