Ubisoft eliminates homophobic links found in Division 2

A homophobic bond has been found in some unpretentious street art by The Division 2.

First included in an imgur album that listed the "spell check failures" present in the game. It has since been broadcast on the internet and many are wondering how such an insult has been incorporated into the game.
You can click on the link above to find it. The link was translated into "leetspeak", that is to say 1337, in order to obscure the offending word, but it is still very visible on the mural that appears in Washington DC of The Division 2.

Many have commented that it was a reference to an art associated with the Black Flag punk band, but whatever, it totally comes out of this context, since most of the time is spent on the Black Flag punk band. original art has been modified for its appearance in The Division 2.

Of course, Ubisoft has now removed the image with a fix that landed yesterday, April 11th. A statement from the company reads as follows:
"It was brought to our attention that a street artwork in Tom Clancy's The Division 2 contained shocking content. We removed the game's image via a patch on Thursday, April 11th. "

According to Ubisoft, they think this is due to a content review problem in QA. "We apologize for the fact that this image has been omitted from our content review processes and we are reviewing it to avoid this kind of monitoring in the future."

This is a very strange situation for Ubisoft, which is generally quite successful at combating toxicity and defending diversity in their games. You may remember that they implemented a system in Rainbow Six: Siege, which prohibits players from using homophobic and racist insults in chat. We should get more details soon. I hope it was only a small mistake during the QA, but it was definitely a faux pas from the arts department!

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