Ubisoft's Starlink will not receive new toys


Ubisoft 2018 Game Starlink: Battle for Atlas gives players the choice between buying physical toy spaceships, pilots and weapons to use in the game or paying much less for purely digital versions. Ubisoft announced today that there would be more physical toys created for the game.

Although there are more pilots, spaceships and weapons coming Starlink in this month's spring update, they will all be strictly digital. In an update of the production published yesterday on the game's official website, the development team said the slow pace of sales led to the decision to stop the production of toys.

Despite the immense and continuous support of our players, sales of Starlink: Battle for Atlas fell below expectations. As a result, we recently made the decision not to release additional physical toys for the Spring update and in the future.

StarlinkThe toys and technology used to manifest them in the game are very cool. Players connect a plastic mount to their game controller. They place a pilot figure on the mount and place a spaceship over the pilot. From there, players can add a combination of wings (up to three on each side) and weapons, thus creating a custom ship with a single load instantly appearing in the universe of the game. The ship that the player assembles in real life is the one he sees and controls in the game. Remove one wing from the toy, swap it with another and this change occurs in same time.

It's a clever but expensive gadget. At launch, spaceships packed with a pilot and a weapon were sold for $ 25. Collecting a whole set of toys with the game's starter pack costs around $ 280. The deluxe digital version of the game gives players instant access to all ships, pilots and guns of the game for only $ 80. It is not surprising that toys did not sell well.

This is another nail in the coffin to give life to toys. Kindergarten Skylanders is silent since 2017, save the strange mobile version without toy. Disney Infinity no longer is. Lego Dimensions had a good run but called it quits. And now Starlink the toys are abandoned.

Fortunately, thanks to Ubisoft's decision to no longer require toys, the game can continue to receive new content in digital form. With new ships, pilots and weapons, the Starlink The team says new missions, activities and challenges will enter the game in the near future. Starlink the toys are dead. Long life Starlink.

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