UFC 411 report on ESPN + 10: Dos Anjos wins


ESPN + Main Card
# 3 Rafael Dos Anjos (170.4 lb) vs. Kevin Lee (170.2 lb)
# 12 Antonio Carlos Junior (185.6 lbs.) Against Ian Heinisch (185.6 lbs.)
Megan Anderson (145.8 lb) vs. Felicia Spencer (145.6 lb)
# 15 Vicente Luque (170 lb) vs. Derrick Krantz (170.2 lb)
# 15 Charles Oliveira (154.2 lbs) vs Nik Lentz (155.6 lbs)
Davi Ramos (156 lb) vs Austin Hubbard (155.4 lb)

ESPN + Prelims
Aspen Ladd # 6 (135.4 lb) vs. Eubanks Sijara # 15 (134.8 lb)
Desmond Green (155.2 lb) vs. Charles Jourdain (153.6 lb)
Danny Roberts (170.6 lbs.) Against Michel Pereira (170.6 lbs.)
Michael Trizano (145.6 lb) vs. Grant Dawson (145.8 lb)
Patrick Cummins (205.2 lb) vs. Ed Herman (206 lb)
Zak Cummings (185.8 lb) vs. Trevin Giles (185 lb)
Julio Arce (145.6 lb) vs. Julian Erosa (146 lb)

Hello everyone and welcome to the live coverage of 411mania on UFC on ESPN + 10, I am Robert Winfree and I will be your host for the evening, transmitting all the action as I see it. The UFC makes its first trip to Rochester tonight and brought a decent but somewhat unspectacular card. The main event is damn awesome as former lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos will host Kevin Lee in the welterweight division. We lost the main game earlier this week when Neil Magny failed a drug test. He had to fight against Vicente Luque who will now face Derrick Krantz in a lower position on the map. But the good old Shoe Face, Antonio Carlos Junior, is back in the game after a little over a year off against Ian Heinisch. Nik Lentz and Charles Oliveira will fight for the third time because. . . reasons I guess. But like all the dull cards on paper, they have the potential to be impressive in practice, so hopefully all of them.

The UFC on ESPN + 10 comes to the world from the Blue Cross Arena in Rochester, New York, USA. Brendan Fitzgerald and Paul Felder are also commented. Trevor Wittman will be on occasion and Laura Sanko will be in charge of the reports. As far as the rules are concerned, we are governed by the new rules. So you have to hold both hands flat on the mat to be considered shot (or a knee of course), extending the fingers to your opponent is a fault, regardless of the contact established. the language around the scoring is clearer and encourages more than 10-8 scores. Instant replay will also be required for end-of-fight sequences if necessary, but once replay is used, combat can not be resumed.

Julio Arce has lost his first loss to the UFC when he lost a shared decision on Sheymon Moraes. He is now trying to get back on track and avoid his first round of defeats in the UFC. Julian Erosa scored 0-2 in his second stint at the UFC and he tries to avoid the dreaded skid of 0-3 that will likely see him ruled out of the promotion for the second time. Chances are with Arce at -800 against +550 for Erosa.

Featherweight tip: Julio Arce (15-3, 145.6 lbs.) Julian Erosa Vs (22-7, 146 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Erosa is six inches taller with an advantage of reaching four and a half inches. They touch gloves, Arce fighting the southpaw. Erosa shows her hands but only seeks to get a reaction from Arce. Arce tries to find a way to get closer. And the "woo" has started, so if you take the first fight for this bet on the bet, go cash it. They approach and exchange, Arce took a decreasing left hook before separating. The two men are still struggling a little with the reach, Erosa gets a kick. Arce takes a shot, then they both land. They exchange their work against the body, then raise themselves, Erosa puts Arce on the fence. Erosa slides free. Jab Stiff of Arce and Erosa lands an uppercut. A two of the country Arce. Erosa lands a little in the head and avoids the counters. Arce gets a good whim. Arce catches a kick and drops Erosa with a left, jumps almost to the ground with him but Erosa lifts him up and retrieves his feet when the round ends.

EVALUATION SHEET: 10-9 Arce but could go both ways

SECOND ROUND: They touch gloves for the second round. Arce swaying early, he tries to force a fight this round. Right to the right of the Arce lands, Erosa changes position but is still standing. Arce gets a kick and hits hard, Erosa responds. A high kick from Arce lands. Arce lands a little to the left. Some kicks to Arce's body. Erosa takes a kick inside the leg. They seize it, Arce puts Erosa on the fence then emerges. Arce's offensive is to find the target much more often, leaving Erosa moving forward and avoiding the hooks. Erosa landed on the right and Arce landed on the body and headed for the meters. Arce gets a kick from the calf. Erosa tries a takedown, Arce defends herself and lands a few punches. No more kicks in front of Arce then two left. Erosa jumps from one knee, Arce catches them and then they break. Another attempt, and that's where the round ends.

EVALUATION SHEET: 10-9 Arce, 20-18 Arce in general

TOUR THREE: They touch gloves for the last lap. The two men land in close combat, we fight a little and they are happy. Erosa starts to play, Arce falls straight. Erosa picks up a right hook, Arce gets a right all his own. There is a lot of pressure from Erosa. It slips to the left of the body, then to the left of the head. They exchange shots, Arce takes a whim after blocking one that has just ended, Erosa.

OFFICIAL RESULT: † WINNER – Julio Arce via KO, head shot, at 1:49 of lap 3

The final club of the final round thanks Mr. Arce for his work tonight. Mic, the time for Arce, states that getting his first knockout at the UFC is unreal and thanking his coaches for all their work. He speaks of being patient and finding the constant opening of this side of the body. When asked who is next, he says he wants to go up and fight, whoever is free can call his name.

Here is the finish. Being able to tap into the same side as the one we just hit is a valuable asset, Arce used it to set the free kick high and Erosa never really saw the shot coming .

Zak Cummings won his last fight when he switched to middleweight for the first time in his UFC race. He is now looking to bet on that to start a legitimate race in the division. Trevin Giles is undefeated after two successful bouts at the UFC. He is looking to stay perfect and bring out a UFC veteran in Cummings. Giles has not fought for barely two years, so he hopes to end his dismissal with a win. Despite this layoff, Giles is the favorite of -180 with a +150 win for Cummings.

Average weight: Zak Cummings (22-6, 185.8 lb) vs. Trevin Giles (11-0, 185 lb)

ROUND ONE: These two are at the same height while Cummings has an inch of reach on Giles. They touch gloves, Cummings fights sudpaw. The two men paw a little with the main hand, Giles kicks in front of the body. Cummings is changing position now, looking for an angle. They swap kicks in the legs, Cummings grabs an arm and throws a punch that is missing. Cummings falls a little short with a left. Giles starts running his jab as they move through the cage. Jab of Giles, Cummings takes a heavy kick. Giles jumps to avoid a kick and barely avoids a punch. They exchange their relationship, Cummings bleeding a little around his right eye. Cummings with another body kick. Giles takes a moment to "woo" with the crowd and Cummings gets a kick. They drop out, Giles raises two knees. Cummings kneels, Giles puts Cummings on the fence and still lays a few knees at the end of the round.

EVALUATION SHEET: 10-9 Giles but a close

SECOND ROUND: This cut on Cummings is just above the right eye, but under the eyebrows, it's not a good place, but it's not a bad cut yet. They touch gloves for the second round. Giles wins a right. Another Giles right, Cummings takes a kick inside the leg. Cummings fails with a few punches. A little to the right of Giles, Cummings riposte with his own hook. Cummings barely avoids the shock of his right hand and has to turn around for a moment. They exchange punches and then Cummings kicks in the inside of the leg. They kicked again, this time Cummings injured his groin so he had five minutes to recover. Replay confirms the crotch kick and Cummings gets rid of it pretty quickly and we're back in action. Giles apologizes and we are back to action. Giles is now working, Cummings kicks his leg and then a body shot, but he's bleeding from the bridge of his nose. Upon arrival at Giles, they find themselves in an open space. They break without incident. Another body to body, Cummings with his knees against the body this time as they hit the fence. Cummings tries a trip, Giles stays up until the end of the round.

EVALUATION SHEET: 10-9 Giles, 20-18 Giles in total but both were close

TOUR THREE: There remains only a small part to cut from Giles to start the round. Cummings gets a kick, he's now trying to get Giles to the fence. Little left of Cummings after taking a few shots. Giles picks up a left hook. Cummings avoids an uppercut, then Giles hits a shot. Cummings lands on the left. Cummings performs a body jump and he tries a takedown. He can not get it but he is off the hook, and then Giles breaks free and separates. Giles gets a forehand after a kick. The cuts on Cummings are bleeding again, Giles picks up a left hook. Cummings tries a few kicks but eats a combination of counter. Giles is progressing well and countering. Cummings' right-foot then lands a kick. They exchange powerful punches, but It's Giles who falls, Cummings grabs a guillotine in transition and jumps guard with her. Cummings keeps spinning, Giles tries to get on the wrong side and ends up going out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: † WINNER – Zak Cummings via Submission, guillotine starter at 4:01 of lap 3

The final-round finish club thanks Mr. Cummings for his work tonight. Mic time for Cummings, he places Giles as an opponent and sees the opening after shaking Giles. He tells us the arrival, jokes about the fact that you can not learn that it's just something you must have in you.

Cummings can lower his head, but he takes the punch. Giles does not let go of his head and Cummings' marker lets him go. On the carpet, it's a fairly typical guillotine, Giles tries to defend himself by going to the wrong side and probably tightens the throttle a little further and contributes to the finish.

Patrick Cummins has only 2-4 in his last six bouts and is in his second consecutive loss in that period. Cummins tries to break this series and avoid the series of three defeats. Ed Herman is on a run of three losses. In fact, he has only 1-4 in his last five fights. Herman has been in the UFC for almost thirteen years and if he wants to make any changes in the division, he can not afford a fourth consecutive loss here. Cummins is the favorite -250 against +200 for Herman.

Heavyweight fight: Patrick Cummins (10-6, 205.2 lbs.) Vs Ed Herman (23-14 1 NC, 206 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Cummins is larger by half an inch while Herman has a half inch of advantage in terms of reach. They touch gloves to start. The two men turn a little and exchange shots. Still jabs, neither of the two men has a near defense yet. Jabs of Cummins. Herman defends a knee attempt but eats a right hook while doing so. Another two of Cummins, Herman gets a right. They are fighting for the right, Cummins is bleeding from the nose, I think. Cummins kicks the body and they exchange blows after that. Cummins kick, he only has one leg, but Herman lifts him up and gets up before Cummins can take first place. The left hook of Cummins knocks Herman. They grab hold of it and Herman shakes Cummins violently with one knee and pushes him to the carpet.

OFFICIAL RESULT: † WINNER – Ed Herman via TKO, knee and punches, at 3:39 of the first run

The first-round finish club thanks Mr. Herman for his work tonight. They would also like to approach the person who caused the punctures on their rental car and note that retaliation will be done. At least it's over in the first, Herman is enjoying the time of the microphone. He says he must be touched to wake up in a fight and blame Cummins for hitting him, then thanking his family and his coaches. He says he wants to be part of the UFC video game. It's been 13 years since he's in the UFC and he's not in it. He just wants his son to play it. As he arrives, he finds that his knees are becoming his best weapon and that when a good knee is clean, there is not much to do.

Nothing very special here, just a solidly executed knee from a quick Thai hitch that hit Cummins' temple and stole his balance. Herman knows enough to follow and that's all she wrote.

Mike Trizano is undefeated with two wins in the UFC, including the 27th season of TUF. He is now looking to get past the UFC stage and prove himself against the ranks of the UFC. Grant Dawson made his UFC debut earlier this year when he defeated Julian Erosa. He is now looking to extend his winning streak. The odds are approaching Dawson at -160 while Trizano sits at +140.

Featherweight session: Michael Trizano (8-0, 145.6 lb) vs. Grant Dawson (13-1, 145.8 lb)

ROUND ONE: Trizano is a bigger inch while Dawson has an inch of reach on him. They touch gloves and then go to work. Trizano fired shots and a double was quick to find the target. Dawson reaches out for a double leg. Trizano puts Dawson on the fence. They compete for the position, Dawson has Trizano on the fence and tries to put that on the mat. Trizano does a good job of avoiding outside trips or harvesting, then he is able to spin freely and separate. Dawson gets a kick. Trizano lands right then left on the body. A quick whim of Dawson then they start hitting again. Even more shots, Dawson has damage around his right eye but he receives a takedown along the fence. Trizano tries to walk, he is standing but Dawson is in the back. Dawson lands a knee as they lean chest against chest. Trizano avoids a sweeping attempt and is able to separate. Dawson with a few kicks, Trizano takes a shot. Another hard blow from Trizano as Dawson plunges into the clinch and Trizano pushes him into the fence. There is blood now in Dawson's right eye. Dawson's knees when he turns Trizano, he tries another trip and finally, Trizano falls, landing in the lateral control. This is where the tour will end.


SECOND ROUND: The cut on Dawson is very close to the eyelid, it's a bad point. Trizano lands several. These jabs of Trizano are money, and Dawson hits hard and gets a melee, then a trip to the bottom. Trizano gives up his back, Dawson wants to take it to himself but Trizano defends himself. Dawson is working to smooth Trizano and land some left. Another attempt to choke Dawson, Trizano must tap for Dawson to get a body triangle and keep the pressure up.

OFFICIAL RESULT: † WINNER – Grant Dawson via Submission, naked back choke, at 2:27 of round 2

Dawson has some time at the mic, he jokes that he spent fifteen minutes in his last fight and that he hates that Trizano is then considered a worthy opponent. When asked what or who he likes next, he says he'd just like to fight in August and does not really care who he is.

Danny Roberts lost 3-2 in his last five bouts, but his loss to Claudio Silva has now been avoided. He is now trying to avoid his first set of defeats. Michel Pereira made his UFC debut after a two-game winning streak. He seeks to have an immediate impact by taking a recognized hope in Roberts. The chances are with Roberts at -250 against +200 for Pereira.

Welterweight: Bout: Danny Roberts (16-4, 170.6 lbs.) Against Michel Pereira (22-9 2 NC, 170.6 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: These two are the same height while Roberts is an inch longer. They touch gloves, Pereira changes posture while Roberts prefers left-handed. Pereira gets a right that shifts Roberts but he can not continue until Roberts gets caught by the legs. Another straight line of Pereira, he programs these attacks to counter any motion of Roberts. Missed the rolling of Pereira's thunder. A kick in front of Pereira hurts Roberts' body a little. Roberts seems a bit confused by Pereira's quirk, who gets a knee and then a right to knock out Roberts.

OFFICIAL RESULT: † WINNER – Michel Pereira via KO, knee and punch, 1:47 of the first round

The first-round finish club thanks Mr. Pereira for his work tonight. It's a great way to get started at the UFC. After an interview with a translator, Pereira thanks the UFC and the fans and promises more enthusiasm for the future.

Roberts has been paralyzed for a good part and has already been shaken. Here Pereira waits for Roberts to get closer to take a tight distance or a snap, then throws a flying knee that wobbles, then a picturesque straight line up to the jaw empties it.

Desmond Green was only 3-3 in the UFC, but he has just finished his promotion and is looking for his first UFC winning streak with a win here. Charles Jourdain participates in his debut at the UFC with a four-game winning streak. He seeks to extend this performance and stand out with a promising perspective like Green. Green is a huge favorite of -800 at a huge gain of +550 for Jordan.

Light Tip: Desmond Green (22-8, 155.2 lbs.) Vs Charles Jourdain (9-1, 153.6 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: The green is an inch and a half taller and has four inches of reach over Jordan. They touch gloves to get things done, the two men fighting against the right arm although Jordan shows the changes in position. It is clear that Jordan is more of a featherweight than Green is visibly taller. Green blocks a few Jordan kicks and then picks up the right hook. Green's body shot. Green moves and thwarts pretty well with his main hand up to now. They tie and exchange their knees and then separate. Green works a few shots then goes to the body when they tie up before Jordan is released. Jordan takes a kick and avoids the counters this time. Green lands another knee. A little to the left then a kick to Jordan's leg and Green responds with a one-two. Another kick from Jordan, he likes the verb today. Kick in the leg then right of Jordan. Green ducks under two punches and takes a corpse in the Jordan Guard. Green is working on posture and landing. Jourdain tries to control his arms and launch a triangle attack but Green holds it and hits him. Green's body shots, Jordan is standing but Green has his back up. Jordan is able to break the grip and separate. A few kicks come and go, Jordan misses a few shots at the end of the round.


SECOND ROUND: They still touch gloves. Jordan is the one who pushes forward, lands a kick but is balanced by a left and has to go back. Green stumbles as his legs tighten and Jourdain tries to be guillotined standing as he gets up but Green frees himself and they are again at a distance. Green lands a right hook. Right to Green's body, Jordan takes another kick. When Jordan gets noticed, he has good combinations, but he is a little hurt here. Jordan blocks a flying knee and lands a kick. Green lands a kick. Another kick from Jordan. Green gets the right to counter a jump attack. Knee to Green's body. Jordan's right hook but Green puts two or three shots to the body to counter a blow to the head. Straight to the left of Vert, Jordan lands to the body. Jourdain gets a kick. Two green club fees are partially blocked. Jordan advances, kicks a kick and avoids a missed double attempt. Another Jordan kick, he advances at the end of the round.

EVALUATION SHEET: 10-9 Jordan, 19-19 in general

TOUR THREE: They touch gloves for the last lap. Green checks a kick and lands on the right. Jordan lands on the left, Green digs a few shots. Jordan takes a kick, Green with a bit of the counter of the left hand. Jordan received more kicks in the leg. Jordan presses the action and Green could erase. Right to the body of Jordan. Jordan lands on the left. Interception of the knee of the green grounds to the body. Green has another right on the body but Jordan continues to advance. Green lands a right hook. Another kick but Green managed a goal against. Green ducks under a hook and get a double leg in the Jordan Guard. Jourdain tries to get up, he is on his knees but Green is still on him and gives him back under lateral control. Jourdain back, Green stands up and down in the driving position. Once again Jordan is back, this time he breaks Green's hold and separates. Jordan advance, a bit of a right. Green spends the last few seconds disappearing as time passes.

EVALUATION SHEET: 10-9 Jordan but probably passed to Green, 29-28 Jordan to the general

OFFICIAL RESULT: † WINNER – Desmond Green by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)

I'm not sure I agree with the score of 30-27, but I'm not really opposed to his victory given the proximity of the innings. Green is delighted, he's playing with the crowd, he's from Rochester, and notes he may have injured his elbow in one of those shoot-outs. He hands Jourdain over and thanks him for the fight, he says that he will fight against the one who brings him closer to the title.

It was our first decision of the evening.

Aspen Ladd is undefeated and the only real prospect for the bantamweight now that Ketlen Vieira seems to have achieved candidate status. Ladd made her UFC debut when she crushed Tonya Evinger in the first round. She seeks to continue this momentum and to launch herself to the photo of the title. Sijara Eubanks won her last two fights in the UFC but suffered from weight loss problems in the flyweight. She is now back to the bantamweight category and hopes to avenge a previous defeat against Ladd. Chances are with Ladd for this one at -330 against +260 for the Eubanks.

Women's Bantamweight Sales: No. 6 Aspen Ladd (7-0, 135.4 lb) vs. No. 15 Eubanks Sijara (4-2, 134.8 lb)

ROUND ONE: Ladd is two inches taller than Eubanks has an inch of reach. Ladd is also ten years younger. The two women showing the jab early, Ladd advancing and picking up a left hook. They swap kicks in the legs, then Eubanks tries a double leg and raises then slams Ladd. Complete guard for Ladd, Eubanks passes to the half-guard. Eubanks rolls well, gets into driving position while Ladd gets on his knees. Ladd is back, Eubanks is after a comeback but she can not get it. The Eubanks try one leg, Ladd grabs a standing guillotine and forces the Eubanks to land in lateral control. Ladd moves to the driving position, moves backward with a snap while Eubanks tries to turn in his guard. Back to the starting position, some pretty jostling, and Ladd gets the rights while Eubanks gets up. Mat returns from Ladd in the carousel, she heads back again. Eubanks is back, but still off the hook. Ladd from Ladd to the thigh and then misses an elbow. They break and then exchange punches. We get a little fight and the Eubanks drop Ladd when the round ends.

EVALUATION SHEET: 10 to 9 Eubanques

SECOND ROUND: The two women who are trying to hit again, Ladd introduces himself. Jubilees of two women, Eubanks wins a right to the body. Ladd digs the body and stands up, Eubanks puts it in the cage. Ladd strikes at 50-50 and moves the Eubanks towards the fence. They fight over the position and get stuck in their knees, then Ladd gets a corpse in the side control. Ladd thinks of the knee on the belly, but lands in place of a few knees before going up. Ladd gets back in the transition with both hooks in and is after throttling but Eubanks defends himself. One of Ladd's hooks is out, she picks it up but loses choking because of it. Some lefts land for Ladd, she tries to open choking. Ladd puts himself under the chin, but Eubanks fights in his hands and forces himself to move to the half-guard. Ladd is still at the top landing elbows short. Eubanks tries to control Ladd's posture, which lands a few shorter elbows. Ladd goes out, Eubanks throws her, but Ladd kicks her back and then returns to the guard with punches at the end of the round.

EVALUATION SHEET: 10-9 Ladd, I would not oppose an overall score of 10-8, 19-19

ROUND THREE: The two women are banging again, Ladd constantly presents himself with pressure. The left hooks come and go, Eubanks tries to keep that at the boxing distance as Ladd moves forward. Ladd takes a right. The Eubanks land in retreat, they exchange body work and Ladd picks up a hitch in space. They swap knees, the Eubanks bend their elbows. Ladd with a couple of elbows on the break. The two women lack ties, Eubanks landed some forehands and Ladd markers. Ladd advances with obstinacy. Steep Ladd's jab and then a left hook. Ladd gets a right that stuns the Eubanks for a second but Eubanks retaliates. Ladd poses an elbow then a left hook. Ladd goes left and kicks. Eubanks visibly slows down. The Eubanks drop a left hook, Ladd riposte, we have a little fight in the fight at this point. Ladd tries a double leg, goes to the fence and settles into the melee. Ladd's knees. The two women with knees now, Ladd lands an elbow and we get a full Relay last seconds, time is running out.

EVALUATION SHEET: 10-9 Ladd, 29-28 Ladd in the set

OFFICIAL RESULT: † WINNER – Aspen Ladd by unanimous decision (30-26, 29-27, 29-28)

No problem with 10-8 seconds, I was probably wrong not to give Ladd a frankly. Mic time for Ladd and she puts on Eubanks and notes that she works hard to excel in all aspects of MMA. When asked what she wanted next, she did not call for the moment, but would like to see how things unfold during the rest of the night .

That's all for the preliminaries, then for the main board that is still on ESPN +.

Davi Ramos is on a winning streak in three fights and has finished all these fights. He tries to extend this series and to climb in the ranks overloaded in light weight. Austin Hubbard has won three straight wins in his UFC debut. Il cherche à mettre un terme à l'élan de Ramos et à s'annoncer au public de l'UFC. Ramos est un favori bien mérité de -500 contre un retour de +375 sur Hubbard.

Bout léger: Davi Ramos (9-2, 156 lb) vs Austin Hubbard (10-2, 155,4 lb)

ROUND ONE: Hubbard fait quatre pouces de plus mais n’a qu’un avantage en termes de portée. Ils touchent des gants pour faire avancer les choses. Hubbard montre beaucoup de regards, Ramos ne semble pas déphasé. Ramos s'approche pour se rapprocher, il décroche le droit de contrer une attaque. Ils échangent des coups de pied à l’aine, nous avons le temps pour ça. Les deux hommes reçoivent un avertissement et nous sommes de retour au combat. Coup de pied de Ramos. Hubbard saigne un peu du nez, je pense. Hubbard pose un coup de pied au corps. Ramos frappe le corps puis atterrit un peu à droite. Hubbard bloque un coup haut et ils échangent leurs droits, mais Hubbard continue avec une combinaison. Ramos décroche un autre coup de pied. Hubbard manque quelques coups de poing et obtient un coup de pied à l'intérieur de la jambe. Ramos décroche un but juste après un coup de pied en avant. Autre combinaison de Ramos, il a maintenant une idée de ses marqueurs et les trouve régulièrement. Ramos se fait piquer dans les yeux et l'action s'arrête. Le médecin surveille les yeux de Ramos, il est bon de continuer et nous sommes de retour au combat. Ramos décroche un crochet gauche mais Hubbard le mange. Un autre crochet gauche de Ramos atterrit. La double jambe de Ramos est partiellement réussie, mais il se redresse à l'arrière, ramène Hubbard à l'attaque et tente d'attraper l'étranglement. Les coups de poing de Ramos mais Hubbard va briser son emprise et survivre à la ronde.


DEUXIÈME ROUND: Ramos se rapproche encore, Hubbard frappe un peu son pied sur un coup de pied avant, mais se remet en arrière. Coup de pied à la jambe de Ramos puis un crochet gauche à proximité. Hubbard décroche un coup de pied. Ramos atterrit à droite puis Hubbard vérifie un coup de pied et Ramos trébuche. Hubbard pose un genou à bout portant, Ramos tire à droite et tous deux se retirent une seconde. Ramos avance toujours, obtient une levée de fourche haute et avance à l'arrière avec un accrochage. Ramos traîne Hubbard vers le bas, c'est plus un tour de crabe modifié qu'une prise de dos complet et Hubbard est capable de se libérer et de se séparer. Hubbard atterrit à gauche du corps puis sur un coup de pied, Ramos répond par un tir corporel. Ramos décroche un coup de pied. Juste à gauche de Ramos, Hubbard atterrit un peu à droite. Ramos frappe dans un corps à corps et est après une double jambe le long de la clôture. Ramos passe à un seul pied, Hubbard est toujours en défense. Hubbard ne peut pas rester debout pour toujours et il est assis sur son siège contre la clôture et Ramos l’éloigne de la barrière et passe à la moitié du gardien. Ramos se faufile dans quelques droits sur le corps et la tête. Les coudes de Ramos clôturent la ronde.

FICHE D'ÉVALUATION: 10-9 Ramos, 20-18 Ramos en général

TOUR TROIS: Ils touchent des gants pour le dernier tour. Hubbard s'approche de lui et décroche un coup de pied. Plus pression en avant de Hubbard, Ramos décroche un coup de pied. Ramos évite quelques coups de pied puis pose un coup de pied. Hubbard avance toujours, a quelques coups de pied bloqués. Un petit crochet de Ramos a la sauvegarde de Hubbard. Un autre crochet de club de Ramos secoue Hubbard, il le gronde le long de la clôture, puis se place à l'arrière et redescend Hubbard jusqu'à la natte. À gauche de Ramos, qui est à la hanche de Hubbard et Hubbard, est capable de faire demi-tour et d’être demi-gardien. Ramos cherche un laissez-passer, il se pose un genou contre le corps. L’arbitre les relève, je ne suis pas du tout d’accord avec ça, mais l’arbitre avertit également Ramos que ses doigts dans les yeux pourraient me manquer. Hubbard s'avance, ils échangent des coups de pied. Hubbard décroche un droit en étroite. Ramos manque un coup de pied en arrière et s'équilibre par Hubbard. Ramos est sur son dos tandis que Hubbard se tient au-dessus de lui. Hubbard donne un coup de pied à la jambe, puis il passe sous la garde de Ramos alors que le temps file.

FICHE D'ÉVALUATION: 10-9 Ramos, 30-27 Ramos overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Davi Ramos via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Not a bad fight, Hubbard has a heck of a chin. Mic time for Ramos, he says he’s not feeling great due to the lack of a finish and says he didn’t fight all that good, and says he’s got much more than this. Ramos is speaking English, credit to him, and he promises to come for the finish next time. Asked who’s next he says he’ll fight anyone and says the only fight he really wants is Khabib Nurmagomedov and he knows he’s got a ways to go before that but that’s where his sights are.

Charles Oliveira is on a four fight winning streak with all of those being submission wins, he’s trying to climb further up the lightweight ranks with another win here. Nik Lentz is on a two fight winning streak and is trying to avenge a 2015 loss to Oliveira and possibly claim his spot in the top fifteen rankings. This is the third fight between these two men and Oliveira has largely dominated the proceedings, leading to his -350 favored status against a +275 payout on Lentz.

Lightweight Bout: #15 Charles Oliveira (26-8 1 NC, 154.2 lbs.) vs Nik Lentz (30-9-2 1 NC, 155.6 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Oliveira is two inches taller and has a whopping six inches of reach on Lentz. They touch gloves, Lentz starts out southpaw but will do a lot of stance switching. Lentz is circling, lands a leg kick then they clinch up. They break without incident and Lentz is back to moving. Bit of a high kick from Lentz then a right hook that landed. Uppercut in close from Lentz then they break from a clinch. Leg kick from Oliveira then he catches a kick and lands a straight right. Oliveira lands an elbow in a brief clinch. They clinch and break again, there’s going to be a lot of that. Lentz lands a leg kick, straight right from Oliveira lands. Jumping elbow from Oliveira lands and they clinch, Lentz gets a quick takedown but Oliveira is back up and Lentz is bleeding from that elbow. Oliveira pulls free and we’re at distance again. Oliveira is firing his straight right nicely, and lands a left hook as Lentz was moving. Lentz lands a straight left, Oliveira lands a right then a jumping front kick to the face but Lentz gets him down then Oliveira sweeps him to get on top. Half guard for Oliveira, he’s looking to wrap the neck of Lentz and he spins around and lands elbows. Lentz is trying to get half guard but he’s got no posture control and Oliveira lands another right. There’s an arm triangle attack from Oliveira if he wants it, he bails on that to land another elbow. Lentz fights back up and lands a bit of a left. Lentz blocks a tornado kick and Oliveira lands a punch as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Oliveira

ROUND TWO: The doctor is in to check the cut over the left eyebrow, the doctor has no issues with the fight continuing. They touch gloves again. Lentz lands a body kick but Oliveira catches it and lands a couple of rights. Lentz is after a takedown, he gets it but Oliveira is wrapping the neck and sits for a guillotine with full guard. Oliveira is adjusting a bit looking to finish things but Lentz gets his head free and lands a left. Elbows from Lentz then Oliveira lands an illegal up kick. Lentz will have time to recover, he says he’s fine. The ref gives Oliveira a hard warning for that one and restarts them back in the guard position. Lentz is working to pass, Oliveira kicks him off and is back up then lands a knee from the clinch. They trade in close then break. Oliveira lands a right to the body. Lentz with a left hook then a body kick that Oliveira catches, Oliveira lands a straight right that drops Lentz badly and he pounds him out on the mat.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Charles Oliveira via TKO, punches, at 2:11 of Round 2

Oliveira gets interviewed, he says that since his last loss to the man interviewing him, Paul Felder, he’s been working very hard on his skill set. He says he’s Chute Boxe, if you hit them they keep coming forward. Asked who he’d like next he tells the matchmakers to stop playing around and give him a top five opponent. To close he expresses love to his daughter and pride in Brazil.

This is why you want some snap on your kicks, if they’re kind of hanging out after they land they’re easy to catch and counter like this.

The UFC announces former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans for this upcoming Hall of Fame class in the modern wing. Evans is in attendance and is moved to tears by the video package and the moment.

Derrick Krantz brings a four fight winning streak into his UFC debut, he’s drawn a tough fight but if he wins he’ll have announced himself in a big way. It’s worth noting Krantz took this fight on about a weeks notice after Neil Magny got pulled from this fight. Vicente Luque is 8-1 in his last nine fights in the UFC and is on his second four fight winning streak during that time, he’s looking to extend that to five and earn a step up in competition going forward. Luque is the biggest favorite on this card, specifically -1200 while the +750 payout for Krantz likely tempts a few degenerate gamblers.

Welterweight Bout: #15 Vicente Luque (15-6-1, 170 lbs.) vs Derrick Krantz (24-10, 170.2 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Luque is an inch taller but has three and a half inches of reach advantage. They touch gloves to get things going. Krantz comes forward quickly and starts swinging then tries a high crotch lift but Luque is after a guillotine from standing guard. The arm is in, Krantz is able to shake him down and break the grip. Luque to his knees but Krantz is in the ride position. Krantz gets the back with both hooks in, he’s after the choke but Luque is defending. Krantz moves to the mount, he’s after the seated arm triangle now but Luque is relaxed and doesn’t seem to be in too much danger yet. Luque breaks the grip and is up then free. Luque lands a left hook. Leg kick from Luque then a jab. Right from Luque then a leg kick, Krantz might have shot his wad a bit in that flurry because he looks very flat right now. Another leg kick from Luque. Krantz lands a right. Jabs then a right from Luque stagger Krantz for a second. Knee from Luque then punches to drop him, and punches from the sprawl position force the stoppage.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Vicente Luque via TKO, knee and punches, at 3:52 of Round 1

The First Round Finish Club thanks Mr. Luque for his work this evening. Mic time for Luque, he notes the chaos around the fight then gives glory to God and wishes his wife happy birthday. He’s happy to have gotten to fight on this card and thanks Krantz for taking it. Asked about the start he says he knew Krantz would start strong but even then he went really hard and he wanted to make Krantz work hard and tire him out even from bad positions. He talks us through the finish and notes that this is what he does. He petitions for the main event of the upcoming Uruguay card but offers no opponent just yet.

Here’s the finish. Luque times a nice left knee to the body then as Krantz tries to recover with his arms lower and Luque cracks him with a couple of punches that drop him and then Luque’s finishing instinct took over.

Megan Anderson has gone 1-1 in the UFC but she’s coming off of a win and is hoping to build on that momentum and get her first UFC winning streak up and running. Felicia Spencer is undefeated coming into her UFC debut, she’s trying to score a big win and help further the case that featherweight could be a legitimate division going forward. The odds are with Anderson at -190 against +160 for Spencer.

Women’s Featherweight Bout: Megan Anderson (9-3, 145.8 lbs.) vs Felicia Spencer (6-0, 145.6 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Anderson is six inches taller and has four inches of reach on Spencer. Spencer is circling early, Anderson catches a kick and lands a straight right. Another right to counter a kick from Anderson and Spencer has had enough of that so she forces a clinch. Spencer has Anderson on the fence and is working knees to the thigh. Spencer tries a lateral drop, then initiates a scramble and gets the back but is way too high. Anderson tries to shake her off but loses her footing and Spencer winds up holding the back with both hooks in. Spencer lands some punches as Anderson gets to her knees. Anderson is looking to wall walk, she gets one of the hooks free then shakes Spencer but can’t get her over the head. Spencer is after the choke, she flattens out Anderson then forces Anderson to tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Felicia Spencer via Submission, rear naked choke, at 3:24 of Round 1

The First Round Finish Club thanks Ms. Spencer for her work this evening. Mic time for Spencer after that debut, she calls the debut awesome and thanks everyone for being here. She puts over Anderson and says the featherweight division is building and puts Anderson over again but says that she’s just a bad style match up for her. She talks us through the finish, then says there’s nothing else besides the title ahead of her in the UFC right now.

Antonio Carlos Junior is on a five fight winning streak but has been out of action for a little over a year, now he’s trying to extend that streak and remind the fan base that he’s a rising contender. Ian Heinisch is on a four fight winning streak that includes a successful UFC debut, now he’s looking to take out a ranked opponent and make his own case for contender status. Junior is the -165 favorite to +140 for Heinisch.

Middleweight Bout: #12 Antonio Carlos Junior (10-2 1 NC, 185.6 lbs.) vs Ian Heinisch (12-1, 185.6 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Junior is three inches taller and has seven inches of reach on Heinisch. They touch gloves to get us going. Heinisch opens up kicking, trying to maintain some distance right now. Junior lands a leg kick and they clinch up. Junior gets Heinisch on the fence and hits a modified lateral drop and lands on top in half guard. Heinisch is throwing punches from his back, Junior is looking to pass. Punches from Junior and he’s looking for a pass, tries for a leg lock roll but thinks better of it and is back on top landing a few elbows. Heinisch has full guard and wall walks but Junior is still on his back standing. Heinisch tries a granby roll, Junior rolls with him and keeps the rear waist lock. Another granby attempt from Heinisch but he can’t get free of the grip of Junior. Junior gets a quick trip but Heinisch is back up before the position develops. Double leg now from Junior and he’s got Heinisch down but Heinisch is up on a single leg trying to avoid spending too much time on his back. They’re back up though still clinched, Junior gets the back and nearly gets a guillotine in transition but wont finish before the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-8 Junior as I don’t think Heinisch had any meaningful offense

ROUND TWO: Calf kick from Heinisch starts the second round. Glancing right from Heinisch then another calf kick. Junior lands a leg kick of his own. Heinisch punches in close but can’t get any real offense going. Junior takes a calf kick and complains of an eye poke but the ref didn’t see it and so he shoots a double leg and gets the clinch. Heinisch tries another granby roll but this time Junior stifles part of it and gets the back with one hook in. Junior moves to the ride position and Heinisch is back up though Junior still has his back in the clinch. Heinisch lands a few elbows and Junior tries to drag him down but winds up on bottom. A few lefts from Heinisch as he’s in half guard. Junior is looking for a sweep but Heinisch is landing short lefts and stopping that motion. Heinisch is looking to swarm a bit while Junior holds a single leg from his knees. Junior rolls to his back, and Heinisch lands a few leg kicks then returns to the guard as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Heinisch but my feed stuttered a few times so can’t fully vouch for that, 19-18 Junior overall

ROUND THREE: Heinisch got a warning for fence grabbing between rounds, the next time he’ll lose a point. They touch gloves for the last round. Heinisch swings a right that’s mostly glancing. One two from Junior. Junior off balances Heinisch with a jab then lands a kick. Heinisch is still coming forward swinging, he lands a left then a calf kick. They clinch and Junior lands a knee to the groin of Heinisch so we’ve got a time out. Replay confirms the nut shot, Junior gets a warning for that and we’re back to fighting. Heinisch lands a right that drops Junior and Heinisch grabs a front headlock to avoid a takedown. Junior is up and Heinisch lands a knee but Junior gets a single leg and drives him into the fence. Heinisch sprawls away from that but Junior slips to the back standing then slips off trying for a trip and Heinisch is on top. Half guard for Heinisch and he’s working some punches to the head. Junior looks pretty gassed at this point, but he hits a half guard sweep and is on top looking for an arm triangle. Heinisch gets his arm free and is looking to escape. They scramble up, Heinisch hits a single leg but then Junior spins around towards his back but slips again and has to go inverted briefly to regain gull guard. Heinisch passes to half guard and lands a few elbows. Heinisch moves to nearly full mount, he pounds on Junior for the final seconds.

SCORECARD: 10-9 Heinisch but I wouldn’t object too much to a 10-8, 28-28 DRAW overall

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Ian Heinisch via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

I have no issues with that decision, Heinisch is a blood and guts fighter. Mic time for Heinisch, he says he had to be technical against Junior and is grateful to have won. He says he could have done better and puts over Junior, then expresses love to his family and the UFC. Asked who he’d like next, Jack Hermansson or Derek Brunson come to mind for him.

Rafael dos Anjos is a former lightweight champion but is on a bit of a rough streak, after winning three in a row after moving up to welterweight he’s dropped his last two fights against Colby Covington and current champion Kamaru Usman. Dos Anjos is trying to avoid his first three fight losing streak and get his career back on track. Kevin Lee is making his welterweight debut after going 1-2 in his last three fights, he’s taking on another former lightweight here and hoping to find new life with a much less strenuous weight cut. The odds have this one close but favor Lee at -125 to +105 for dos Anjos.

Welterweight Bout: #3 Rafael Dos Anjos (28-11, 170.4 lbs.) vs Kevin Lee (17-4, 170.2 lbs.)

ROUND ONE: Lee is an inch taller but has seven inches of reach on dos Anjos. Southpaw for dos Anjos, Lee opens with a body kick and dos Anjos returns it. Both men land lead hand punches. Body kick from dos Anjos but he’s off balanced by Lee and Lee gets a takedown into single leg. Dos Anjos back up, Lee moves to the back standing and has one hook in. Now dos Anjos separates and they trade punches. Lee lands a right and a body kick. They trade power hand punches then dos Anjos lands an uppercut. Body kick from Lee, then he tries a takedown that hits the fence. Dos Anjos defends and forces a clinch, Lee is really committed to the takedown but can’t finish it. A few elbows sneak in for dos Anjos, he’s using a kimura trap to break the grip and forces Lee to switch to a high crotch. Short knees and elbows for dos Anjos, Lee is trying to pressure through them. Knees from dos Anjos as they jockey for position. Dos Anjos is really good about sneaking in offense at every opportunity while Lee is just kind of holding on. More knees from dos Anjos then Lee separates. Lee lands a body kick then a high knee. Dos Anjos misses a high kick then lands a left. Lee lands a knee to the body. Jumping knee from dos Anjos misses but he’s the one coming forward now and gets a double leg into half guard. Lee tries to get motion going, dos Anjos holds a front headlock and they’re up, Lee is after a takedown but can’t finish it before the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 dos Anjos

ROUND TWO: Lee back to reaching with the lead hand, he might be slowing already. Body kick from dos Anjos lands. Dos Anjos forces a clinch, Lee drives things into the fence and is looking for a takedown. Dos Anjos defends, grabs a guillotine as he’s taken down and uses it to sweep and regain his feet though still clinched. Lee is after a single leg, dos Anjos lands a few body shots and avoids being taken down. That kimura trap from dos Anjos breaks the grip and forces a separation. Jabs from dos Anjos then a high kick that wobbles Lee a little bit. Double leg from dos Anjos and he drives Lee to his knees but they’re against the fence. Lee is back to his feet, dos Anjos breaks without incident. Lee has a high kick blocked, dos Anjos lands a body kick. Lee lands a couple of punches and clinches but again dos Anjos is defending well. Dos Anjos has that kimura grip again, he’s constantly grip fighting with it to wear out the arms of Lee. Dos Anjos slips off of the fence but Lee is able to get him back there. They trade knees to the body, then Lee drops his level but again can’t finish the takedown. Lee just can’t complete a takedown and dos Anjos is making him work. They trade in close then break and Lee has a high kick blocked. Body kick from dos Anjos then a left and Lee dives for a single leg but dos Anjos sprawls until they hit the fence. Dos Anjos lands some lefts and elbows, Lee misses a right as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 dos Anjos, 20-18 dos Anjos overall

ROUND THREE: Jumping knee from dos Anjos is partially successful and he’s looking to push the pace. Bit of a left from dos Anjos. Body kick from dos Anjos, Lee returns it. Another left from dos Anjos, Lee’s head movement is nearly gone. Double leg from dos Anjos into half guard, nearly side control and he moves to that position. Dos Anjos is nearly in a mounted crucifix, Lee moves to a hip trying to get a sweep going and he gets to his knees and then up in the clinch but dos Anjos knees him in the body as they do. They hit the fence again, dos Anjos tries a single leg but Lee spins with him and moves to the back but can’t really get both hooks in and dos Anjos spins into him to be on top. Lee is trying to wall walk, dos Anjos moves to the back without hooks and lands punches. Lee to a knee, dos Anjos knees him in the thigh as they return upright and dos Anjos gets him down again. Another wall walk from Lee but dos Anjos is keeping him down on his seat. They’re up again, Lee turns dos Anjos into the fence but he’s unable to get a takedown of his own. Knees from dos Anjos then an elbow. Lee is after another takedown, dos Anjos gets takendown to his hips but he wall walks almost immediately to his knees. Lee moves to the back in the clinch but dos Anjos gets him to slip off and gets him down on his seat. Dos Anjos lands lefts to the head as Lee stands and they still clinch. More body work from dos Anjos as the round ends.

SCORECARD: 10-9 dos Anjos, 30-27 dos Anjos overall

ROUND FOUR: Dos Anjos is looking to jab, lands a left and takes a body kick. Lee lands a right. Front kick to the body from Lee lands. Dos Anjos with more jabs. Bit of a left from dos Anjos then they clash on kicks but Lee’s lands to the crotch of dos Anjos. Dos Anjos walks it off immediately and wants to continue fighting. One two from dos Anjos then more jabs. Hard inside leg kick from dos Anjos buckles the lead leg for a second. Lee lands an inside leg kick of his own. Double leg from Lee, he moves to the back in the clinch as they hit the fence. Dos Anjos is hand fighting as Lee gets one hook in and then forces a break. Lee lands a body kick. Another inside leg kick from dos Anjos then some jabs. Lee lands another body kick. Dos Anjos defends a takedown and they hit the fence again. Elbows from dos Anjos as he’s defending. Knee from dos Anjos, and another one as they break. Lee lands another body kick then they trade rights. They clash hard on a level change and hit the fence then break without incident. Dos Anjos lands a body kick and defends a single leg attempt then moves to the back of Lee and lands punches then moves to full mount. Dos Anjos is after an arm triangle, moves to side control with it and forces Lee to tap.

OFFICIAL RESULT: †WINNER – Rafael dos Anjos via Submission, arm triangle choke, at 3:40 of Round 4

Dos Anjos is a largely underappreciated fighter, that was a smart veteran performance from him to get back on the winning side of things. Mic time for dos Anjos, he gives glory to Christ and notes he’s 34 years old with 40 fights and 27 of them in the UFC then puts over Lee as an up and comer then thanks his coaches for all of their work. He talks about the early push of Lee but he knew he could get him the later things went and he listened to his coaches coming into the fourth and feels that adjustment set up the win. He wishes love to his wife and children. When talking us through the finish he mentions feeling Lee get more tired and finding the right moment to capitalize on, then talks about having fought the best in his last two fights. Asked who he’d like next he says anybody as he knows he can be a world champion and just wants to be ready to take any opportunity that comes his way.

On that note UFC on ESPN+ 10 comes to a close. We got nine finishes, the most for any UFC card this year. Not a great night of fights but I’m not complaining about too much. Thanks everyone for being here and reading, I know there’s a lot of places you can get this content and I’m humbled that you choose me. We’ll be breaking down all of the action from this event Sunday on the 411 Ground and Pound MMA Podcast, if you’ve got a question or comment feel free to leave them below. There’s no UFC event next week, I have no idea what I’ll do with my Saturday but I’ll be back in a couple of weeks for UFC Fight Night 153 when Alexander Gustafsson fights Anthony Smith and Volkan Oezdemir battles Ilir Latifi. Until then thanks again everyone, stay safe out there, and keep checking 411mania for all of your pop culture needs.

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