UMBC publishes a hilarious tweet with number 16 Gardner-Webb and number 1 in mid-term Virginia


Another No. 1 about to go down ?!

Gardner-Webb, number 16, leads the standings, Virginia. For the Cavs, it can not really happen …

Nobody has yet forgotten how UVA had lost as No. 1 last season against UMBC No. 16. And, they posted a brilliant tweet once seeing that the Cavs had new big problems.

Well, the same team that the Retrievers defeated a year ago is facing Gardner-Webb, with a score of 36-30 at the half. By way of reference, Virginia made a half-time tie with UMBC in the famous game of last season.

The fans are starting to notice what could happen before our eyes.

You just hate to see him.

While fans are going to watch the second half with enthusiasm, it's important to note that the margin could be larger, since the Bulldogs led up to 30-16 at one point. the first half with momentum.

Fans are nervous in Virginia right now and we really can not blame them.


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