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Meet & # 39; Dabu Ji & # 39; from Madhya Pradesh, who made her dance debut on the Internet.
New Delhi The video of "Ankal ji", which is causing a sensation on the Internet and getting ready like Govinda, is becoming more and more viral nowadays. From the head of the government of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, to the actress Raveena Tandon, everyone praised her dance. Indeed, his name is Sanjeev Srivastav aka Dabu Ji, a resident of Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh and is currently the Assistant Professor of Electronics at Bhabha Engineering Research Institute, Bhopal.

I do not think the dance will be so viral
After Professor Shrivastav's viral dance on social networks, everyone desperately needs to know more. After filing all of India on the Internet, Professor Shrivastav thanked the people who loved his dance. Professor Shrivastav, who appeared in front of the media, said: "It's an incredible feeling, I do not think my dance video has become so virulent. I thank everyone for my love and support. Professor Shrivastav said that he's been dancing since 1982 and is Govinda Fan. Professor said that he believes that there will be more opportunities now.
Professor explains that he learned the dance of his mother, but he followed Govinda. This video of Professor Shrivastava is May 12 when he danced in the wedding of his brother-in-law. Where he danced to Govinda Hindi film "Haggarj" in 1987, "Maa Ke, Meena Ke Na Saki Se".
His wife also said that after the video of the dance video being viral, phone calls are received by relatives and everyone congratulates them. He said that there is no place of happiness in the whole family, everyone is very happy.
Earlier, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan also tweeted: "Sanjiv Shrivastav ji, living in our Vidisha and working in Bhopal, has been making huge Internet speculations in India, believe it or not, there is something special in the water of Madhya Pradesh.