Unicorn Store Trailer With Captain Marvel's Brie Larson


I want to believe!
Image: Netflix
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Obviously this is not really a trailer for Captain Marvel 2-it's pretty far, but rather for the whimsical Unicorn store, the first feature film by Brie Larson. She also plays with him Captain Marvel BFF, Samuel L. Jackson, who seems to have the time of his life devouring the landscape in a very curious secondary role.

Finally, the manic girl of the pixie elf becomes the hero of her own movie! And may be even gets a unicorn for when she goes at sunset?

Unicorn store(With Bradley Whitford, Joan Cusack and Karan Soni also) clash since 2017, but you can not really blame Netflix for waiting Captain Marvel The mania had reached its climax to release it. He hits the streaming service on April 5th.

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