Unique challenges derail Amy Winehouse's hologram tour


This rather vague announcement does not specify the type of problems faced by the Los Angeles-based company, but it is probably fair to say that technology is simply not there. The performance of holograms is not entirely new. Dead artists, including Tupac and Biggie Smalls, have shone the spotlight and ABBA could tour later this year.

But this is not the first time that a big company is bowing out. As Variety Reported last year, a planned hologram tour of Whitney Houston failed when the Houston estate accused Hologram USA of failing to provide a realistic holographic performance of the singer. In the case of Winehouse, it is possible that the fans were disappointed that the holograms as they imagine – 3D digital replicas created from video sequences – do not exist. GQ reported that BASE Hologram had planned to perform a choreography on a double-body with a 3D CGI mask, and not on a Winehouse film.

BASE has announced for the first time its plans for Winehouse's three-year holographic tour in October. This was planned in partnership with the Amy Winehouse Foundation and the Winehouse family was on board. Winehouse's father even described the hologram circuit as "dream". The same month, the family also announced plans to make a biopic with Monumental Pictures. To our knowledge, the film has not been slowed down by "unique challenges or sensibilities".


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