United Airlines has launched ConnectionSaver in two of the company's most active centers and plans to expand it to other airports in the future.

A United Airlines flight with several flat tires slid off the runway as it landed at Newark Liberty International Airport on Saturday.

Flight 627 from Denver International Airport landed on runway 22 at 1300 hours. and slipped from the left side of the sidewalk, the Federal Aviation Administration wrote in a statement. The main left landing gear of the aircraft is stuck in a grassy area.

None of the 166 passengers on the plane needed to be taken to the hospital, United said in a statement. Those with minor injuries refused to consult paramedics called to the scene.

Newark Liberty disrupted all flights as passengers disembarked and the aircraft was towed out of the airfield.

The flights resumed about two hours later, but the delays should continue, tweeted the airport.

The FAA said the agency was en route to the site to begin an investigation. United said it was evaluating the plane for the damage.

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