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United Flight skids on the runway at Newark Airport

No injuries were reported during the landing at 1:00 pm of United 627 – from Denver. on track 22 left, then skidded to the left side of the runway, according to the FAA.

United Airlines said in a statement that the plane "had suffered several punctures at the landing" and "became disabled".

None of the 166 passengers on board were taken to the hospital and the light wounded refused to see a doctor, the airline said. Damage to the aircraft was being assessed.

"We are in close contact with the FAA and the airport authorities and are working quickly to safely remove the broken down aircraft so that airport operations can resume their normal course," the airline said.

The Newark airport later tweeted that the flights had resumed but persistent delays were expected.

Delays were expected until the plane was moved, the FAA said via Twitter.

The main left landing gear was stuck in a lawn, officials said. The aircraft was to be towed from the aerodrome once the passengers had gone up the stairs and taken a bus to a terminal.

"The passengers have been safely landed following a previous incident … and the airport is trying to resume its aviation activities," said the airport. said via Twitter.

The FAA was about to open an investigation, the agency said in a statement via Twitter.

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