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United States Open 2019: Patrick Reed eliminates the snap Friday, says it was not serious

PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. – With a majestic show of strength on his right knee next to the 18th green Friday evening, Patrick Reed wrote one of the highlights of the 119th edition of the US Open.

Reed's enthusiastic club gained popularity online a few hours after his second round at Pebble Beach, where a series of short-lived fouls sparked the blood of the former Masters champion. He did not talk to reporters after the emotion close to his second round, but he talked about the incident after a few hours to calm down after a 72 defeat at Round 3 that left him at 3 at the end of the week.

In Reed's mind, the cliché of the club was cathartic Рand did not deserve a closer look.

"For me, it does not matter," said Reed. "It was comical after watching it after. But it was not funny to have to hit after the fact, especially when I'm proud of my short game and I'm able to get up and down. "

Reed's problems at the 18th hole on Friday began when his 6-iron attempt to extract his ball from the rough barely made 100 yards. From there, he found a bunker at the edge of a green, pinned it over the green, missing the green to come back and swaying another burst in the thick grass.

It was at this point that his 61-degree lobe wedge experienced his premature demise.

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"Oh yes, it deserved it. That's one reason I call it "and done" and that's why it's done, "said Reed. "We always call it '61 and done 'because it usually gets me out of jail all the time. That kept me in jail for that one.

Reed used his 57 degree sand bevel for his sixth shot, and finally rolled into a short putt to reduce the number. While social media illuminate with a slow motion video of his visceral breakdown, he believes that this is minimal compared to other sins committed on the course.

"I mean, at the end of the day, I pulled out my anger. I did not do anything at the golf course, I did not say any obscenity or anything of the kind. It was a split second and I moved on, "said Reed. "You have Sergio (Garcia) with what he's done on the greens (in Saudi Arabia). I've seen several guys tearing golf courses, clubs slammed. I mean, Rory (McIlroy) launched her club in the water on the 8th at Doral (in 2015). Lucas Bjerregaard has sent his driver into the water here. It happens.

"The problem is that this sort of thing probably should not happen, but at the end of the day, as long as you respect the golf course, as long as you do nothing to damage the course or players who you play with it, I prefer to let it out than to keep it in. "

Reed could not remember the last time he broke an angry club on the golf course, although he had noticed that he had had three club breaks on commercial flights in the last year. He travels regularly with three lobe wedges in case one of the two would be damaged during the game, and he put one of these backups in his bag for the third round – albeit for a very different reason.

"To miss the green at 20 meters, then advance the ball 3 inches from the green, it's not normally my short game," said Reed. "But that's what an American Open and a Hard like this one will do to you."

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