University basketball is disrupted: Florida tops the LSU in OT; Villanova, Louisville and Nevada under the spotlight


If the duke's meeting with the top-10 ACC between Duke and North Carolina needed a first game, Georgetown, Florida and Syracuse responded to that need with flying colors. Hours after the UNC overthrew the country's first team, the state of San Diego issued a reminder, eliminating sixth place in Nevada.

The series of games on Wednesday night will certainly upset the next round of the AP standings. here are the other You may be upset when your eyes were on Tobacco Road Rivalry.

Georgetown runs in front of No. 17 Villanova

The Georgetown Hoyas delivered the first surprise of the night, inflicting a 85-73 loss to No. 17 Villanova after Jessie Govan and Matthew McClung scored 21 points each. McClung earned 4 of 8 points in the 3-point range (including four straight marks) and Govan had 11 rebounds for a double-double.

The Hoyas had a 10-point lead at half-time and never faltered, scoring 43 points in the second half to reduce the 20-7 Wildcats. Georgetown jumps to 16-10 overall and to 6-7 at the conference and will face Creighton on Saturday with the goal of hitting a .500 average in the Big East.

Villanova is now 5-5 in the conference play away from home.

Syracuse defense stifles Louisville number 18

The Syracuse Orange quickly took the lead against Louisville's number 18, beating all games in a 69-49 win over Carrier Dome.

Four Orange players finished with double-digit points, led by 18-year-old Elijah Hughes. Hughes scored 12 of his 18 points beyond the bow, finishing at 4 out of 10 after Wednesday's deep. This was close to Louisville production, with the Cardinals finishing only 6 of 28 on 3-point attempts.

Syracuse finished the first half by 12 and increased his lead in the 20th minute. With more than six minutes to go, the Cardinals extended their lead by 20, then 21, then 23. Twenty-five seconds remained in the match when Khwan Fore of Louisville scored a 3-pointer to bring back the lead. gap to 23 points.

Louisville returns home with a record of 18-9 and a fifth loss in conference. The Orange, however, go to 18-8. The next step for Syracuse? An appointment with Duke No. 1 Saturday at home. Orange surprised Duke, first in the standings, in his first match in January.

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No. 13 LSU loses heart broken by OT Florida

At the SEC, LSU made undefined Florida suffer in the same style that it caused a defeat against Kentucky just eight days ago. The games ended in overtime, but this time, the Tigers were able to convert to a 82-77 loss.

While the Gators led 78-74 in overtime, Florida, KeVaughn Allen, made two fouls in 25 seconds in the game to give the Gators six points. Tremont Waters kept the Tigers alive with a 3, but another free throw, this time from Noah Locke in Florida, brought the advance to four, before they would hold and they would grow by one. the last seconds of the match.

Allen led the charge for the Gators with 21 points, while teammates Jalen Hudson and Locke each traded 15 points. Florida rose to 15-11 in the season and inflicted its fourth defeat of the year. The Gators, having lost three straight, are back on a run of three straight wins.

The Tigers are 21-4 this season, bowing to Florida State (overtime), Oklahoma State, Houston and Arkansas. They beat Kentucky in front of the SEC to help them move to number 13 in AP's latest poll on Monday. It will not be easier for LSU, which will host 5th Tennessee on Saturday in a scoring SEC match.

They will have to bounce hard against the country's former No. 1 team.

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The state of San Diego tops Nevada No. 6 despite the attempted return of the Wolf Pack

Not to be outdone, the Aztecs of the state of San Diego have wrapped Wednesday night a crazy party with perhaps the most surprising surprise, beating No. 6 Nevada 65-57 at home.

The Aztecs, such as Georgetown, Syracuse and Florida, took a comfortable lead before the half-time break with a nine-hour lead. The real test, however, was waiting for them in the second half, as Nevada made a comeback effort that allowed the Wolf Pack to double its score in the first half. Cody Martin's free throws five minutes into the second half, the Aztec advance to seven, but a 9-0 win at San Diego State puts the game out of reach again.

The Wolf Pack would be out of hand before the last few minutes, when they made a last effort to create the tie. A Trey Porter layup, a Jordan Carolina jumper and a Porter free throw reduced the deficit to five, two-game overtime.

But the state of San Diego has stood firm.

The Aztecs scored five of the following seven points to close the surprise and send Nevada home with only his second defeat of the year. Cody Martin led the Wolf Pack with 20 points, the only player to score two digits, while Devin Watson and Jeremy Hemsley gave the Aztecs 15 points each. Just like the UNC-Duke rivalry, the Aztecs and the Wolf Pack will play again on March 9, and there is no doubt that Nevada will be looking for a redemption.

These four contests could be the beginning of a series of upcoming conference games.


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