University student in Westchester in critical condition after hazing incident possible

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A student from Westchester had a heart attack after a possible incident of hazing between siblings at the University of Buffalo.

Sebastian Serafin-Bazan, 18, was reportedly ordered to exercise late Thursday night, from April 12 to 12, when he was beginning to experience physical distress, reported The Buffalo News, citing police sources.

Serafin-Bazan, of Port Chester, was listed in critical condition late Saturday and police are investigating the delay in obtaining a call for emergency medical assistance, the Buffalo News announced .

In a statement Saturday afternoon, the Buffalo Police Department said it "was investigating a possible hazing happening in a fraternity home in Buffalo at night on Custer Street." A UB student was rushed to hospital with a serious health problem. of the incident. "

The president of the University of Buffalo, Satish Tripathi, said the school was providing "all the help and comfort we can" to Serafin-Bazan's family during this incredibly difficult time .

"While the investigation into this very serious case is continuing, let me repeat that our university has a zero tolerance for uncertainty",

Tripathi said in this statement.

"Not only are hazing incidents a violation of our university's policies, but they are also a crime.

"Therefore, under my direction, the official activities of all recognized fraternities and sororities are immediately suspended."

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