Up to the trend, the voice of Fals Cita Citata destroys the concert of Sheila On 7

As we know, Sheila On 7, the already high-profile group in Indonesia, has just organized a concert to celebrate its 22nd anniversary. The concert was very lively and was broadcast on a television channel. In addition, the concert also invited other great singers to liven up the concert. Pop singers and even dangduts invited by the concert of Sheila On 7. Unfortunately, something very undesirable happened to one of the performers, the beautiful sword of Cita Citata. He was blasphemed after appearing unsatisfactory at the event. What has really happened?


It turned out that Cita Citata had a duet with Sheila On 7 at the concert. He sang the song himself and also the song of Sheila On 7. But instead of praising the performance, Cita was blasphemed because it was considered harmful for the concert. Cita's voice is considered falsified and is not good if it matches the ambassador Sheila On 7. That even made Cita CItata a hot topic on any social media because his fake sound disturbed the concert. Even some Internet users had suggested that the ambassador had not mistakenly chosen another duo friend. Do you watch the concert? What do you think of the appearance of Cita Citata?


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