UPDATE: A driver under the influence of drugs during an accident at a gas station on Highway 23 kills a father, a teenage son and an attendant


A teenage father and son taking gasoline and the attendant taking care of them were all killed when an SUV with a driver under the influence of the driving drug crashed them. Tuesday morning at a service station on Highway 23 in Wayne, confirmed the authorities.

The pilot of the Honda pilot left the bulkhead to get to the Delta gas station on the north side of the highway at around 8:45 am, respondents said.

He crashed into a Chevrolet Camaro convertible, killing the father and his 17-year-old son, as well as the gasoline attendant, a friend of the victims' families told Daily Voice. .

Tomorrow would have been the birthday of the father, added the friend.

The unidentified driver reportedly overdosed an opioid and had to be resuscitated with Narcan before being taken to the St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Paterson, authorities said.

"His identity card was still in the vehicle," said the manager. "A search warrant must be obtained to obtain it so that it can be identified."

Another vehicle, a Nissan Rogue, was also struck, said Passaic County Attorney Camelia Valdes and Wayne Police Chief James Clarke.

Flying debris has damaged vehicles at the nearby Mazda dealership, part of a massive crime scene.

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