UPDATE: BART back with 'limited' service, no train for SFO, Milbrae – by j_rodriguez – March 9, 2019


UPDATE 11:55 AM BART is back – a little bit.

BART has resumed service "limited", announced the agency Saturday morning at 9:03, about three hours after the announcement of an interruption of service.

Trains run through the bay but no train station south of Daly City is in operation.

This means that runners heading south to San Francisco, Colma, San Bruno, Milbrae and San Francisco International Airport will have to find other travel options.

"The BART outage this morning is unacceptable," said Janice Li, a BART board member, on Twitter. "I work for answers but most of all, I'm sorry."

BART also corrected its earlier statements, claiming that the computer error was the result of electrical work.

The real cause of the computer problem is still unknown, said a spokesman for BART, and the agency investigates.

The original story follows:

Zero. No. Nada.

On Saturday morning, there is no BART train running on the entire transportation system in the Bay Area.

If you have to cross the bay on Saturday, the authorities will inform you of bus routes, ferries or hitchhiking with a friend.

The problem is related to the computer, said officials of the BART in a statement.

BART crews working overnight on a power supply in Oakland "ran into problems" that affected the agency's computer system and traction power system.

This is the system that feeds the trains, according to BART, and the teams are now working to fix it.

"Without these two systems, we can not send trains safely for service", Wrote the officials of the BART in a statement.

Some bus companies serving BART stations offer free rides to BART users as "mutual help" for the agency.

BART recommends using its trip planner to find another means of transportation.

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