[UPDATE] The Game Awards 2018 will present more than 10 new games, Obsidian plans to unveil a new RPG | GBAtemp.net


A flawless stay

After announcing what will be "the greatest amount of revelations to a Game Awards show", host Geoff Keighley has given a little more insight as to what fans can expect. During the two hours of awards, more than ten new games will be unveiled, as well as several DLC packs for existing titles. SEGA has already teased a potential announcement of the game Yakuza for the after show, while a new mark for Alien: Blackout and a Keighley Tweet suggest that this is another possible revelation at the ceremony. The Game Awards will take place on December 6th at 5:30 pm Paris time, and will be broadcast continuously on YouTube.

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Obsidian Entertainment also announced a "special revelation" at The Game Awards. This will mark the first new game developed by Obsidian after their recent acquisition by Microsoft Studios. When you visit Obsidian.net, a pop-up window appears, inviting fans to stay tuned for the show, as they have something planned.


A flawless stay

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