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Update the Google Translate app adds a much needed feature

The mobile application Google Translate can instantly translate some foreign languages ​​via the camera of your phone. When the app is installed on your iOS or Android device, you simply point the lens of the camera to a foreign text to translate it into your language. And the feature works even if you do not have a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.
Google announced today that 60 other languages, including Arabic, Hindi, Malay, Thai and Vietnamese, will now work with instant camera translation. This brings the total to 88 languages ​​supported by the feature. You can find a list of all 88 by clicking on this link. And now that camera-based snapshot translations are using neuron translation technology (NMT), the results are more "accurate and natural" with 55-85% fewer errors depending on the two translated languages.
Google has also improved the appearance of the application by reducing the flickering of text that sometimes makes it difficult to read a translation. And three camera translation options are now at the bottom of the screen, easier to reach with your fingers. moment will provide a text translation when your phone's camera is pointed at. Scanning You will take a picture of the text and use your finger to highlight the section you want to translate. And Import allows you to translate text from your film.

Previously, the Google Translate application only worked when translating a foreign language in English and vice versa. But you can now have the text translated between two of the more than 100 languages ​​supported by the application. And if you are in a country with multiple languages, you can select "Detect Language" as the source language and the application will automatically determine the correct one to use. For example, Google states that if you are in South America, where Portuguese and Spanish are spoken, use the "Detect Language" option to automatically select the language to be translated.

The update is being rolled out on the App Store and the Google Play Store, so be on the lookout.

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