Updated in severe weather: 06h30


UPDATE 6:30 AM: Severe Storms in Etowah, Cherokee Counties – These storms are capable of producing a strong and damaging wind and could eventually produce a tornado. This is the only warning we have in central Alabama yet.


Strong, violent storms swept through our western and central counties from around midnight to shortly before 5 am Some of the storms resulted in possible tornadoes. The greatest damage was caused in Tuscaloosa County, near the Hagler community, and in Shelby County, near Highland Lakes.

Until about 8 am, two strong storms are possible, but the main tornado threat seems to mitigate. All the storms we would have would be able to produce wind and hail. The storms should totally clear the area after 8 o'clock in the morning. The weather will be cloudy and cloudy for the rest of the day with temperatures dropping throughout the afternoon.

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