Updated Rainbow Six Siege Y4S1 Revealed; Release notes listed

Ubisoft announced the planned changes for the release of Rainbow Six: Siege with patch Y4S1. The changes will first be uploaded to the PC Siege test server, where Ubisoft will monitor player comments and make the necessary changes before releasing the update to all systems.

Most of the changes to patch Y4S1 are buffs and nerves for operators. Regarding the improvements, the area of ​​effect on the locks of Capitao has been expanded to make it more ideal to refuse other operators. For the nerves, the damage to the Lesion Gu mines is being reduced, Clash loses the muzzle brake of his submachine gun, Dokkaebi's phone calls are shortened, the time needed for Maverick to go from his SURI torch to a weapon increases and Ash loses sight of ACOG for his R4-C.

This fix will also solve the problem of the offense charges that, according to Ubisoft, must be "safer and more comfortable" for attackers, as stated in a blog post. The charges are still dangerous enough for the defenders on the other side of the wall. Although no change is scheduled at this time, Ubisoft is also considering modifying the operation of operators with a shield, as well as improvements for Lion and Glaz and a nerve for Blitz.

The following changes have been made to the Rainbow Six Patch: Siege Y4S1. Siege is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Release Notes for Rainbow Six: Siege Y4S1

Operator changes



  • Increases the time of exchange between the SURI torch and the weapons


  • After 18 seconds, Dokkaebi's phone calls will be hung up
  • Being in range of jammers Mute will prevent Dokkaebi from calling you
  • Entering the range of dumb jammers hangs up the phone calls during the call


  • Increasing area of ​​the effect size
  • Reduce damage by tick from 19 to 12


  • Removing the muzzle brake on the gun


  • Damage to mine mines per tick reduced from 8 to 4

General changes

Breach of fees

  • The deployment animation is much faster
  • Attacker side damage is reduced from 150 to 50.
  • The damage effect area on the defender's side is increased
  • The deadly effect zone on the Defender's side is reduced

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