US prisoners released from work help save baby in SUV


In the United States, labor-freed prisoners have been rescuing for Valentine's Day when a Florida couple accidentally locked their little girl in their SUVs.

Kevin Doll, spokesman for the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, said WFLA-TV the parents could not afford a locksmith and the father had the intention of breaking a window.

It was at this point that a team of "members" (prisoners who proved to be trustworthy) worked nearby in their black and white striped uniforms, which offered their help.

They helped to force the front door just enough so that an inmate could use a hanger to press a button that unlocked the sport utility vehicle.

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The mother of the baby, Shadow Lantry, told WPEC-TV the infant was "just sitting there happy" throughout the ordeal.

Sheriff Chris Nocco said WZVN-TV the administrators wanted to "do the right thing".

The little girl called Dallas.


The little girl called Dallas.

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