US teachers demand a change after a shotgun shootout during a training session at the school


Teachers in Indiana have called for legislative changes after being forced to suffer shots equivalent to executions by local law enforcement with the use of pellet guns during the first half of the year. an active shooting exercise.

According to a new report, teachers at Monticello Elementary School in Indiana were injured, including bruises, marks and abrasions.

Teachers would have shouted horror and pain during the training, while they were told to face the walls of their classrooms and kneel before being shot by the agents.

The Indiana State Teachers Association has called on state lawmakers to add an amendment to a new Safe Schools Act "so that more reasonable limits are imposed on these exercises."

"The teachers were terrified but they were told not to tell anyone." Said the group in a declaration. "The teachers who were waiting outside and hearing the shouting were brought into the room four at a time and the filming process was repeated."

"No one in education takes these exercises lightly," the statement said. "The risk of hurting someone far exceeds the extra realism that we are trying to convey here."

The officers in charge of voluntary training did not initially inform the school's teachers that they would be shot with plastic pellets, according to a report in the newspaper. Indianapolis Star.

"It's what happens if you only shake and do nothing," said one of the officers, according to a teacher who spoke anonymously to the local newspaper.

Gail Zeheralis, director of government relations at the Indiana State Teachers Association, told the news agency that the group was looking for "a simple statement in this bill that would prohibit firing of a type. projectile to personnel in an active fire drill. "

Other leaders of the teachers' association said that the shootings of teachers "were not the usual practice" and had not occurred in others. active shooting formations at the state level.

Active shooter training at the Indiana School is known as ALICE, which means "Alert, Lock, Inform, Counter and Evacuate".

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The exercises usually explain to teachers and students how to avoid shooting out of the building through classroom windows, throwing objects and disturbing intruders, among other things. It is not always the case that agents pull pellets or other plastic products, although this happens in several other examples reported.

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