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Watch X-Men's final trailer: Dark Phoenix

20th Century Fox released the final trailer of the next installment (and probably the last) of his film. X Men franchise, Dark Phoenixshowing Jean Gray's efforts to contain the vast powers that she gains after an accident in space.

The film is in the process of adapting the classic Dark Phoenix scenario, first published in the 1980s, in which the Jean Gray mutant is hit by a solar flare and transformed, returning to Earth as the Phoenix, a being of pure thought. We have seen some movie trailers illustrating this transformation of the main character of the movie (played by Game of thrones'Sophie Turner') and how the X-Men struggle to contain her powers.

This new trailer distorts what we have seen so far and shows how John struggles with his new abilities. The team is sent on a rescue mission to space after a shuttle accident (a Dark Phoenix / Gravity the video mashup seems inevitable), and after the solar flare, Jean is left to be transformed. She goes home and takes care of suspicion by realizing that she has changed. "When I lose control, bad things happen," she says, but "it feels good." It looks like it leads to a confrontation between the X-Men who want to save her and Magneto who wants to eliminate it threat.

The film will probably be the last installment of the long-running X-Men franchise after Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox earlier this year. The merger will bring together the two sets of properties, which were famous after taking off Marvel Cinematic Universe. It remains to be seen what this future will look like, but it is generally expected that X-Men will appear in the Marvel Cinematic universe. J & # 39; hope Dark Phoenix will be a good start for the series.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be released in cinemas on June 7th.

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