Valve removes non-video game content from Steam

With the established domination of Steam, Valve has tried to establish itself in several markets in recent years, with varying success. In the future, it seems that society wants to focus on its gaming efforts by indefinitely withdrawing its on-demand movies section.

Originally hosting documentaries such as Indie Game: The Movie in 2013, Steam has gradually expanded its library to include Hollywood titles such as Mad Max: Fury Road, John Wick and the movie that inspired a lot of Metal Gear Hideo Kojima Solid, Escape From New York. Although some game-related content, such as Deliverance: The Making of Kingdom Come, are not to be confused with the graphic title of 1972, also called Deliverance, Valve has removed its selection to refocus.

"By looking at what Steam users are really watching, it has become clear that we should be focusing on providing game-related or accessory-related content for games or software sold on Steam," the blog says. "As part of this refocusing, we removed the Video section from the Steam Store menu hoping that video content would be discovered through the associated game store or software page or via search, user tags, recommendations, etc. . "

Users who have already purchased content on the Steam Store will be able to access it from their library, while content will be slowly removed from the sale in the next few weeks. This will surely annoy some who were hoping to build a great library of movies next to their video games, but there are digital alternatives such as Amazon, iTunes, and so on.

KitGuru says: Many Steam users have asked Valve "why" when the movies were originally introduced on the platform, with myself included. As interesting as it was to see the company diversify, it still felt a little out of place among the game features and social features put forward by the platform. Do you feel as if Valve was making the right decision, moving away from on-demand movies?

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