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Varsity Blues Series in Quibi's Works – Television Adaptation

The Coyotes of Western Canaan make their big comeback: Quibi prepares an updated version of James Van Der Beek's film about football Varsity Bluesaccording to The Hollywood Reporter.

Original film producers Mike Tollin and Tova Laiter will be the executive producers of the series, with scriptwriter Tripper Clancy (Stuber) when updating.

"For all those who have applauded the chorus of Mox," I do not want your life ", as well as for all those who have never heard of the Coyotes of Western Canaan, we are delighted to help you. Varsity Blues in Quibi and the twenty-first century! Said Tollin in a statement.

The original 1999 film starred Van Der Beek in the role of a Texas quarterback, who fought against a demanding coach and a football obsessed father to lead his rogue team to victory. Paul Walker, Ali Larter and Scott Caan are part of the cast.

Quibi – a short video service of Jeffrey Katzenberg; the name is the abbreviation for "quick bites" – was loaded to the original content recently: their slate announced includes Royalty fee, a musical starring Joy alum Darren Criss, and an action thriller from Scorpio Nick Santora, creator of Liam Hemsworth.

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