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Necuno Mobile, an open and private phone with Plasma Mobile »MuyLinux

nekuno mobile

A new opportunity comes for him Mobile Plasma: Necuno Mobile, whose creators describe it as "the true open source hardware platform" and "the world's first secure mobile device".

The news, which can be read both on the KDE blog and on the Necuno blog, talks about the agreement between the two to place Plasma Mobile in Necuno Mobile, while revealing to the rest of the world the news. existence of the project, motivated by a Finnish company called Necuno Solutions. "Plasma Mobile and Necuno solutions are a perfect combination for collaboration within a community, because of shared values ​​for open source, privacy and security," they said.

With regard to the terminal, Necuno Mobile would consist of 5.5-inch screen, aluminum body, ARM Cortex-A9 processor NXP i.MX6 Quad and Live GPU (Etnaviv), among others. On the product page you will find all the listed items and, more importantly, links to articles explaining the implementation of the components. And in the implementation is the secret, because many thick words touting its virtues need explanation.

"Our goal is to offer you a 100% open source device, from metal to pixel, from hardware to software," explain Necuno Solutions, evoking the "mobility problem and our solution", as indicated in an article on the subject. In summary, your solution would be firmware Free for the i.MX6 chip and all the rest. We will have to see it, because for the moment, the only thing that exists is this announcement, without more data concerning dates or prices.

In essence, Necuno Mobile has a sound quite similar to Librem 5 of Purism, with the particularity that Plasma Mobile will be the protagonist here. As it will be on the phone and the tablet prepared by Pine64. Let's see who meets first.

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