Verizon customers can get the Moto Z2 game for $ 1 a month or $ 24 in total from Best Buy.


While the Moto Z2 Play was not receiving rave reviews when it was released almost two years ago, Motorola's orderly modular concept has surely benefited from the many opportunities it has had in recent months to Mark the phone 5.5 inches at a reasonable price. massive discount unlocked and with payment plans from the device.

But with the approach of the Moto Z4 and Z4 Force, the time to say goodbye to Z2 Play and Z2 Force 2017 is also approaching. In fact, the two modular veterans are no longer available on the American website of their manufacturer, which does not make the last contract of Best Buy as surprising when you think about it.

Nevertheless, it is undeniably cool to be able to get such a respectable mobile device at just $ 24 currently, with an initial activation of Verizon. New and existing Big Red subscribers who want to add a service line or simply upgrade their phone are eligible for this incredible offer, whether they prefer to accumulate the entire amount at one time or split it into monthly installments. ridiculously affordable $ 1. two years.

Normally priced at $ 408, the exclusive variant to Verizon Moto Z2 Play still costs as much if, for whatever reason, you prefer to activate the handset after you've purchased it. While it's not a powerhouse, with a poor Snapdragon 626 processor under the hood, the phone also comes with a 3GB RAM, while inserting a 3000mAh battery pack into an ultra-quiet package. 6 mm flat all aluminum.
Launched in 2017 with the Android 7.1 Nougat software, the Z2 Play should receive an official update of the 9.0 version of the operating system before long. The Full HD Super AMOLED screen is also very good (for $ 24), not to mention how easy (and often unbelievably affordable) to extend the functionality of this device with one of the many handy Moto Mods.

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