Verstappen counteracts Gasly's accident legacy


Red Bull had to repair a heavily damaged RB15 after Gasly was bypassed by Campsa's right-hand high-speed arm on the penultimate day of testing in Barcelona.

The team flew by pieces overnight to complete the rebuilding and Verstappen was able to take the track half an hour after the start of the day.

However, it only ran 29 laps before Red Bull had to evaluate the car 's gearbox, which had been changed after the Gasly accident, and Verstappen' s n '' s. did not leave the garage after noon.

He explained at the end of the day that it was related to the replaced component and the fact that the team needed a new gearbox the previous week due to an accident different from Gasly.

"Everything is connected to what happened yesterday," Verstappen said. "It's just a pity.

"We were just a bit limited on the pieces but the team still did an incredible job to turn around and get out, and sometimes that's the case."

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Red Bull did not set a representative lap time during the tests, which means that its position in the hierarchy with the new Honda engine partner remains unclear.

The setbacks of the second week also brought him back to eighth place of the 10 teams for the number of laps made during the trials.

However, Verstappen hopes his lack of mileage for the last day "will not hurt us too much" and "confident enough that we can have a good start to the season" in Australia on March 17th.

"This can always be better during winter testing, but in general we have had a very good winter test," Verstappen said.

"We did a lot of tricks, although today may not have been the best day, but in general, I think I've always done more than 100 laps, so I can to be happy. "

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