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We are the largest manufacturers and exporters of TYPES of machinery in India with excellent quality and affordable price. We export TYPES of machines in more than 45 countries of the world.

Our machines are working successfully in Libya, Iran, Oman, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Sudan, Poland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Zanzibar, Mauritius, Mexico, China, Tunisia, Qatar, Philippines, Canada, Ukraine, Mauritania, Congo, Algeria, Pakistan, Thailand, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Saudi Arabia and SOON WILL BE IN GHANA and MOROCCO.

We are a genuine manufacturer and exporter of machine types ideal for manufacturing products, etc. We are continually expanding our service area to cover the world.

We are recognized for the quality and speed of delivery of products, as well as for quality training in machine handling. We strive to build strong business relationships with our customers.

Sukhraj Machinery CO.
AN ISO 9001: 2008 CERTIFIED Co.
53 and 52, former indl. Focal Point (OLD), Mehta Road, Amritsar – 143001 (PUNJAB)
E-mail: [email protected]

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Laptop making machines,
Wire nail making machine,
Paper bag making machine,
Edge Sharpening Machine,
Machine to dress the back,
Edging press,
Paper cutter,
Small paper cutter
Three-sided trimmer (fully automatic)
Three knife cutting machine (fully automatic)
Half cut sticker and creasing machine
Semi-automatic mower with three sides
Portable paper cutter
Semi-automatic paper cutting machine
Fully automatic paper cutting machine
Semi-automatic paper cutting machine
Paper cutting machine
Hydraulic Guillotine Cutting Machine
Manufacturers Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine in India
Paper cutting machine
Programmable Fully Automatic Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine Manufacturers
Fully automatic paper cutting machine,
Exercise book
Hydraulic edge trimming press
Hydraulic Edge Straightening Machine,
Edge Sharpening Machine,
Fully Automatic Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine,
Hydraulic Hydraulic Guillotine Full Automatic Programmable Machine, Hydraulic Squaring Machine,
Punching and creasing machine,
The semi-automatic paper cutting machine,
Hydraulic pinching machine,
Seal forming the machine,
Hydraulic book press,
Lamination machine,
Knurling machine board,
Sewing machine of wire book,
Book poking the machine,
Sewing machine boxes,
3/5 folds of paper corrugating machine factory,
Punching machine with manual feed,
Corrugated paper and machine manufacturing plant,
Cutting and grooving machine
Chopping and creasing press
Platinum creasing cutting machine
Cardboard cutting and punching
Automatic cutting and creasing machine
Platinum cut
Grooving and embossing machine,
Paper corrugation machine of two profiles,
Oblique type of corrugating cardboard,
Paper roll cutting machine with PIV reducer,
Gluing machine,
Sheet pressing machine,
Rotary cutter of 4 bars,
Eccentric slot machine.

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