Victoria's Secret will close dozens of stores


Victoria's Secret apparently operates under the mantra "if it's not broken, do not fix it", which meant for its specific goals continue to promote its brand through a crowned campaign successful models and push-up celebrity bras. Except now, it seems that the business model can be broken, and Forbes Asked about the problem: "Does he have time to fix it?" CNN Business says that what it is doing in the short term is closing 53 stores in North America. After-sales at stores that have been open for at least 12 months, fell by 7% in the last quarter, by parent company L Brands. This is in addition to the 40% drop in stocks over the past year. Which has driven the brand down: people who go to big box stores and lingerie startups who offer custom bras and models for "regulars", as well as the brand's overconfidence in significant discounts, especially during holidays.

The secret of Victoria's Secret has been "more promotional than we would like in the last few years," admitted Thursday the head of L Brands, Stuart Burgdoefer, in an appeal to analysts, adding that "we are looking closely everything that is happening in the area. " Forbes note that Victoria's Secret will bring back some of its swimsuit line and will set up new frames to run both the Victoria's Secret lingerie line and its Pink brand, aimed at students. However, some say it may be too little, too late, especially since it does not seem to focus on "the evolution of the brand's message," said one analyst. d & # 39; UBS. About 30 Victoria's Secret stores closed last year, United States today Remarks; just over 1000 stores will remain open. (Even the mosquitoes are extinguished by the mark.)

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