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VIDEO: A Ryanair passenger gets nipped during a fight in mid-flight

The passengers claimed that the nose of a Ryanair passenger had been "bitten" during a violent fight in the air.

The fight was filmed on Ryanair flight Glasgow Prestwick – Tenerife South.

After taking off from Scotland at 6:10 am on Saturday morning, the fight broke out at mid-flight.

A 30-second video posted on social media shows that the cabin crew are desperately trying to break the scrap while passengers hear "Oh my God" screaming.

One can see a man with blood running down his face while he is being taken to the aisle by the staff just moments into the collapse.

Families, including a young boy, would have witnessed the fight, with terrified yells of "it's gonna stop this" heard off-screen.

One person said, "There have been many drunken and messy behavioral occasions leading a man to get a nosebleed."

A spokesman for Ryanair said: "The flight crew from Glasgow Prestwick to Tenerife asked for police assistance when they arrived, after two passengers became disruptive in flight.

"The plane landed normally and the police abducted and arrested two individuals.

"We will not tolerate undisciplined or disruptive behavior, and the safety and comfort of our customers, crews and planes is our number one priority and it is now the business of the local police."

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