Video: A soldier unsheaths a gun at a roadside check

The Delaware State Police announced that it was investigating after the broadcast of a video on February 14 showing an officer who was directing a gun at a man during a roadside check at Slaughter Neck.

"The Delaware State Police is aware of a video that has been posted on social media from a traffic stop involving a motorist and a state soldier" said Sgt. Richard Bratz of the Delaware State Police. "The Delaware State Police opened an internal investigation as soon as we learned about the incident, in accordance with the division's policy. This review is part of an internal process to ensure that we comply with the division's policy and that we perform our duties with the level of professionalism expected by the citizens we serve. "

Bratz has refused to identify the agent, and it is not certain that the agent is on leave with pay. He added that the soldier was on patrol around 9 am in a well-identified patrol vehicle in the vicinity of Fleatown Road and Cubbage Pond Road when he saw a silver Mazda pass at high speed in the opposite direction.

Mack Buckley said that he was driving to his mother's house when an officer brought him.

"I was trying to figure out why he called me," Buckley said, adding that the officer had not explained to him why he had arrested her and was not asking for a driver's 39, registration or auto insurance.

The video shows Buckley placing his cell phone camera on the dashboard of the vehicle while an officer approaches the driver's side window. Buckley stated that he had installed his camera after the officer stopped him but did not ask him for any information, did not explain to him why he had stopped him then returned to his police vehicle.

The video shows that when the officer returns, he asks Buckley to get out of the car and he refuses. The officer then opens the door, pulls and points his gun at Buckley's chest, who continues to refuse to get out of the car. Buckley asks the two men why the office shoots him and the policeman uses at least two curses while asking him to get out of the car.

"This shot at home. Just around the corner from my mother's house, I could have lost my life, "he said. "He put the gun on my chest. At that moment, I thought I was done. I expected the pop. "

Bratz did not answer questions about police policy and whether the soldier had acted in accordance with the policy.

Buckley was arrested and taken to Troop 7, where he was charged with resistance to arrest, driving without insurance, driving an unregistered vehicle and driving at high speed.

Buckley said that he had auto insurance and that the registration was up to date, but that the agent had never asked for this information. Buckley was released on an unsecured bail of $ 1,100, pending his court appearance on March 18 in the Sussex County Court.

Buckley testified that the officer was angry with him when he asked for his name and identity. Buckley said the officer was also angry when Buckley treated the public officer.

During the police raid on Troop 7, Buckley said the officer told him, "You should not interrogate the police."

Buckley said he had done nothing wrong and that he was considering filing a complaint.

"I just refused the man the answers he wanted, because he'd refused me the answers I wanted," he said.

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